4250 Single-Sample Cryoscope

The high-performance reference method for determining the freezing point of milk.

Assured Monitoring of Milk Supply Process and Product Integrity

The Model 4250 Single-Sample Cryoscope allows your plant to manage a premium milk supply, ensure quality products and improve your operating efficiency. They system is the fastest, most reliable, and precise system for milk analysis and it utilizes the industry preferred freezing point depression (FPD) method for determination of added water to milk.

Highlighted features
  • Low maintenance
  • On-board printer for better traceability
  • Rapid & stable automated calibration

Designed for reliable monitoring of added water in milk

The Model 4250 Cryoscope is designed to sense sample temperature by using high precision thermistors. It then controls the degree of super-cooling and freeze induction, and measures the freezing point of the sample in just two minutes.

Industry Applications

For Dairy Labs

  • Determination of added water in raw cow*, sheep, goat, buffalo and camel milks.
  • Checkpoint indicator for sour or contaminated raw milk.
  • Can indicate the presence of water in milking machine pipes, undrained bulk tanks, and other types of water dilution at the milk producer’s site.*Able to determine added water in pasteurized, UHT-treated, and sterilized whole or partially skimmed cow milk.

Product Features

  • International Reference Method of Plateau Seeking (ISO/FDIS-5764/IDF 108)
  • Standard timed plateau methods
  • Millidegrees Celsius (m°C) and millidegrees Horvett (m°H)

  • Low maintenance; the sample probe and stir-wire are fully accessible for easy cleaning

  • Optional barcode scanner for supplier ID numbers
  • On-board printer for better traceability, tracking
  • meet HACCP requirements
  • RS-232 communication capability for data transfer

  • Multiple language display settings

  • Rapid and stable automated calibration procedure
  • Two minute test time
  • High throughput of samples

  • Advanced Instruments calibrators, controls and supplies meet the exacting standard required to fulfill ISO, HACCP and QA/QC laboratories


Yes. The freezing point test has been used for determination of water in milk for almost 100 years. The early reference test (The Hortvet method) has now been replaced by the thermistor cryoscope.

Cryoscopes can be used to measure any change in the osmotic pressure or salt balance of solutions. For example changes to the salt balance occur when milk is cultured and lactose is converted to lactic acid also when lactose is hydrolysed to give glucose and galactose.

Sample volume 2.0 or 2.5 ml
Test time approximately 90 seconds in the 30-second timed mode
Sample capacity Single sample
Unit -m°C or -m°H
Range 0 to 1000 m°C or m°H
communication On boardprinter DTERS-232 serial port and optional barcode scanner
Performance at Reference Conditions1
Linearity Less Than ±5% from a straight line
Repeatability ±2 m°C or m°H (1 S.D)
Drift Less Than 1 m°C or m°H per month
Performance Over Operating Conditions
Temperature Effects3 Less than 1 m°C or m°H per 5°C (9°F)ambient temperature change
Operating Conditions
Temperature 18 to 35 °C (64 to 95 °F)
Humidity 5 to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature -40 °C to +45 °C (-40 °F to +113 °F)
Voltage 100 to 240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption 95 Watts
Dimensions 16.0″ H x 13.0″W x 18.0″D (40.6cm x 33. 0 cm x 45.7 cm)
Net weight 28.0 lbs. (12.7 kg)
Shipping weight 30 lbs. (17.7 kg)
Warranty One-year limited warranty on workmanship and all parts except glass, Plastic, and part warranted by their makers
Installation Class I
Over-voltage Category II
Pollution Degree 2
Moisture protection IPXO (ordinary)

Controls/Calibrators Aqueous Ampules

3LA022422 Cryoscope Calibration Standard, Bottle 110mL
3LA023422 Cryoscope Calibration Standard, Ampule 10mL
3LA027Lactrol 530 Reference Solution, Bottle 110mL
3LA030Lactrol 530 Reference Solution, Ampule 10mL
3LA032621 Cryoscope Calibration Standard, Bottle 110mL
3LA033621 Cryoscope Calibration Standard, Ampule 10mL

Supplies & Accessories

SK-4250Convenience Kit (Includes: 3LA823, 3DA811, 3LA030, 3LA023, 3LA033, FLA835)
3DA811Heat Transfer Fluid, 1×150 mL
3D2340Air Filters, Disposable, 6/pkg
330016Bar Code Scanner
FLA835Thermal Printer Paper, 5 rolls


3LA823Sample Tube- Glass 2.0 mL

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