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Designed to deliver rapid results, we offer a range of products that let you confidently confirm pasteurization, detect milk adulteration, and keep your quality control samples stable with a range of preservative options, all while maintaining regulatory compliance and productivity.

Equipment for Monitoring Both Raw and Processed Products

Our Advanced Cryoscopes allow the user to detect the presence of added water in milk.

The Fluorophos® ALP System measures the pasteurization of milk products. Advanced Instruments manufactures dairy preservative products that are used worldwide to preserve the integrity of milk samples, for testing for components such as fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

Rely on the Globally Proven Test Method

Laboratories around the world are using the Fluorophos ALP Test in conjunction with a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) program.

The Fluorophos ALP Test is the standard ISO/IDF method and was reviewed and approved by NCIMS/FDA. It is also approved by AOAC, IMS, and CEN European standards for confirming proper pasteurization. Test results automatically appear in approximately 3 minutes on the digital display.

With one system, you can test multiple dairy products. Because the Fluorophos ALP Test detects ultra low levels of raw milk contamination, it offers unmatched protection against the threat of pathogens in pasteurized milk.

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The Artel PCS fulfills our requirements on ISO compliant pipette calibration and testing. Results are reproducible and variance is lower than in manual process. Personnel is easily trained on the device. Process is faster than manual process.

Andreas Heider

Axolabs GmbH

We use an Artel PCS system to calibrate our pipettes. We purchase all the reagents necessary to use. Have contacted Artel Technical support for questions in regard to using the Artel system and necessary trouble shooting suggestions. Happy with the service for purchase of the system that we are using and the products. Verification of pipettes using this system has saved us time and provided more accurate results compared to using balances for verification of pipettes in particular small volumes.

Fathieh Shafiee

Wisonsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

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