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GloCyte Verification and Linearity Kit

Highlighted Features
  • Formulated specifically for the GloCyte
  • Quickly confirm instrument accuracy and linearity

GloCyte Verification and Linearity Kit

The GloCyte Verification & Linearity Kit is a multi-level hematology control designed to measure and verify the performance of the GloCyte Automated Cell Counter for CSF. These materials are manufacturer-recommended for validation and ongoing linearity testing of the GloCyte in your laboratory.

Each kit contains 6 value-assigned levels of both red blood cell and total nucleated cell material to verify the full reportable range of the GloCyte.

Part Number: 111280


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Busy labs often look to automation to ensure timely sample processing, but analyzing CSF samples – especially those at clinically relevant low cell counts – can be time-consuming and challenging. For labs that want to improve results consistency and turnaround time, there’s an Advanced Solution that meets this need with GloCyte.

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Data Sheet

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