Advanced Instruments is a global provider of scientific and analytical solutions for the biopharma and clinical industries

Our company’s innovations have helped organizations improve quality, achieve reliable outcomes, and increase productivity for more than 65 years.

Our focus on service, quality, and reliability has made us a leading developer and manufacturer of analytical instruments and services for the biopharmaceutical, clinical, and food & beverage industries. Our newest addition, the Artel portfolio, includes leading analytical instruments, software and services that validate, automate, and calibrate critical liquid handling processes and instrumentation. Our Solentim portfolio delivers best-in-class imaging and single-cell deposition technologies for cell line development workflows. And our OsmoTECH® and OsmoPRO® micro-osmometers support the workflows that labs worldwide rely on for the delivery of accurate and timely results.

Our Mission

To provide innovative solutions ensuring confident outcomes

This statement acts as our mission and addresses the “why” and the “how.” We use the word “solutions” to combine the unique technologies and leading expertise that we bring to optimize our customers’ processes working closely alongside with them. Our solutions are designed to deliver confidence by providing the quick and reliable information that improves processes and ultimately outcomes as a result.

Our Vision

Help customers optimize processes and increase efficiency to ensure confidence in results and deliver improved outcomes

Our vision statement reiterates our commitment to working to solve future challenges for our customers and adds some additional context on how we will do that. Together with our customers we are working to improve processes and healthcare outcomes.


Award Winning Products

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Innovation That Works for You

We understand that professionals in the healthcare and life science industries are under pressure to meet many, sometimes competing demands, such as the need to balance tight deadlines with a rigorous commitment to quality. We’re here to remove some of that pressure.

By thinking ahead and working through your needs and challenges, we channel innovation into smart and practical solutions designed to maximize both productivity and quality. Through reliable products and services, ongoing training, responsive service, and reliable support, our mission is to deliver innovation that works for you.

Innovating in Bioprocessing

The work to improve health outcomes through drug discovery and development can be a risky, labor-intensive business. Advanced Instruments knows that bringing these innovative therapeutics to market also requires innovations in supporting technology, innovations that can drive decision-making and simplify workflows. Whether you need to develop high-producing cell lines, maintain optimal cell growth, provide assurance of clonality, ensure active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) purity and yield, or confirm quality during fill and finishing, we provide superior products across the bioprocessing and pharmaceutical markets that are designed expressly to meet your needs, complemented with validation services, educational resources, training, and robust customer support.

Innovating in Clinical Chemistry, Microbiology and Hematology

While medical labs differ in size and capabilities, all share the goal of improving health outcomes by delivering accurate and timely patient results. But maintaining strict security and regulatory compliance can get in the way of fast turn-around-times.

We’re thinking ahead to your next challenge, working to optimize your processes and increase efficiency whether you focus on clinical chemistry, microbiology, or hematology.

Our Clinical Solutions set the standard, delivering dependable medical lab instruments, forward thinking educational resources, and responsive support services.

Innovating in the Food and Beverage Industry

In the food and beverage industry, adhering to regulations and maintaining quality control in the face of production pressures not only protects consumers, it’s critical to your bottom line. But meeting these competing demands can also be challenging.

We develop forward-thinking technologies to help you overcome these challenges and uphold your brand promise and label claims, whether they’re focused on quality, safety, or both.

Our Food and Beverage Solutions center on our tools but are complemented by thorough training, reliable service, and ongoing support

Our Product Development Process: The voice of customers is fully integrated in our process

In order to ensure all of the different requirements are fully met during the product development process, customers are at the center of all development efforts. In fact, a keystone of our philosophy is close collaboration with its customers. The continuous collection of feedback becomes an essential part of the development process when requirements for new products are established. For this purpose, structured feedback is obtained during the entire lifecycle of a device through interviews, conversations, questionnaires and customer satisfaction surveys. Advanced Instrument continuously evaluates this same feedback throughout the process during all customer touchpoints.

What does it mean to be Thinking Ahead?

Byron Selman

President & CEO

Thinking Ahead means understanding and anticipating our customers’ pain points and evolving trends across the healthcare and life sciences industries. The dedicated team at Advanced Instruments is constantly innovating to increase productivity and ensure quality for all of our customers.

Delivering smarter solutions around the globe from start to finish and every step along the way

With manufacturing in the USA, users in over 90 countries, and an array of technical competencies, Advanced Instruments is well positioned to ensure that our customers achieve dependable results. Our products are backed by a team of highly-experienced specialists dedicated to supporting customers at the time of purchase and beyond.-


  • Customer Centricity
  • Ingenuity
  • Ownership and Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity

Dedicated to quality

Many companies see regulatory oversight as an impediment; Advanced Instruments sees it as an opportunity. Since our early adoption, and continuous recertification of ISO-9000 quality systems, we have been at the forefront of every regulatory initiative, including: CLIA, CMDCAS, IVDD, ISO13485, RoHS and WEEE.

Focused on Customers Since 1955

Since 1955

Headquartered in Norwood Massachusetts, Advanced Instruments has spent 65+ years designing systems that help global customers improve product quality and safety, meet regulatory requirements, and reduce costs.

Experts in Freezing Point Depression

Our first products commercialized freezing-point depression technology, bringing the advantages of electronic automation to the lab (a big innovation for 1955!). Freezing-point depression technology was a classical method for solute concentration studies in dairy testing and Advanced Instruments helped establish the method with nephrologists, making it a staple of laboratory medicine.

A Trusted Advisor

Since that time, laboratory professionals have looked to Advanced Instruments for exceptional customer support and leading edge tools for bioprocessing development & drug manufacturing, clinical diagnostics and food & beverage quality control. Our solutions offer alternatives to the status quo, meeting lab and process challenges with practical innovations.

Interested in joining our team?

We’re always on the lookout for experienced and highly motivated individuals passionate about finding innovative solutions and providing outstanding support for our customers.