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As of April 1st 2023 – Sales and Support of OsmoTECH® Osmometers and Anoxomat® for life science customers in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, and Belgium will transition from I&L Biosystems to Advanced Instruments.


Highlighted Features
  • Combined Cell Viability and Titer assays in one instrument
  • Low volume assays between 20μL – 60μL​
  • Rapid titer assay
  • STUDIUS data management for instant, error free clone stratification and selection
  • STUDIUS data management for sample tracking through different sample formats (plates and others)


Combined human IgG1 titer, VCD and productivity analyser

The ICON with integrated STUDIUS data management platform enables scientists in the biotherapeutic development industry to digitally transform their process and make informed decisions quicker, earlier, and more securely.

ICON with STUDIUS uniquely combines titer, viability and productivity data using low volume assays on a single reader, with the clonality and confluence data from Cell Metric® and/or VIPS® to track and rank clones automatically, rapidly and consistently from the cloning plate, through fed-batch suspension shaking cultures to spin tubes, shake flasks up to multi-parallel mini bio-reactors such as Ambr®, regardless of the different formats used and without the risk of error.

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Transform ranking of your fed batch suspension cultures

Rank best producers quicker

The ICON with STUDIUS can uniquely measure both titer and viable cell density in the same instrument. These results can be combined with confluence and clonality data from Cell Metric and/or VIPS within STUDIUS. Automatic ranking of best producers is performed immediately and according to user defined parameters.

Rank best producers without risk of error

Previously, the ranking process involved multiple instruments producing data in various formats leading to cumbersome and error prone data analysis via visual comparison of excel sheets etc. With ICON/STUDIUS, ranking of clones takes place automatically and without human intervention, thus eliminating errors.

Track clones from seeding to selection

Samples are tracked throughout the CLD process from seeding to selection to capture the journey of each individual cell.

Low volume productivity and viability assays

Low volume productivity assay

Titer is measured using fluorescence polarization and needs only 60μl per assay. This means that titer can be measured earlier in the process, for example in Day 14 static cloning plates or 48 or 24 DW suspension shaking plates. Earlier titer measurements allow earlier stratification of high producing clones.

Low volume cell viability assay

Viable cell density is measured using Trypan blue exclusion. Cultures up to 10 million cells/mL can be counted and the count is qualified with a supporting high resolution image showing the denotation of live versus dead cells. The assay requires only 20μL of sample, much less than incumbent cell viability analyzers requiring several hundreds of microlitres.

Cell viability and productivity assays in one instrument

Rapid Productivity assays

The ICON titer assay is relatively fast and involves fewer preparation steps compared to the incumbent assays.

Efficient use of bench-space

Prior to ICON, two instruments were required to measure cell viability and productivity, with an associated price tag. ICON is an efficient use of space due to combining both measurements in one box at a price considerably lower than that associated with two separate units.

Ambr®  is a registered trademark of Sartorius AG

Technical Specifications

Spec Description
Dimensions (D x W x H) 48.5 x 46.5 x 32.5 cm
Net Weight 35 kg
Operating Conditions Indoor use only
Temperature: +10°C to 40°C
Humidity: 20% to 80% non-condensing
Altitude: Up to 2000M
Mains Supply: +/- 10% rated voltage
Electrical Supply Power Supply Input Voltage: 100-240V AV 50-60Hz Single Phase
Power Supply Output Voltage: 24V DC – 250W
Power Supply Input Connection: IEC Input

Associated Products

ICON Titer Plates

Compatible with ICON, ready to use, 96-well assay plates for IgG quantification.RS-3221 ICON Titer Assay Plate - Plate based IgG assay for cloning plates. Five plates, each for 96 well samples. For 2.5 mg/L - 100 mg/L.
RS-3223 ICON Titer PLUS Assay Plate - Plate based IgG assay. Five plates each for 96 well samples. For 100 mg/L - 1500 mg/L.

ICON Cell Counting Slides

ICON offers automated cell counting and viability measurements for cells in suspension, enabling between 1 and 24 counts in a single run.
RS-3010 ICON Cell Counting Slides (8 counts per slides x 15 slides in box); 15 x Cell Counting slide for 8 counts each using 20 μl cell suspension.


The smartest decision-making platform in cell line development.

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InstiSHAKE CHO and InstiSHAKE HEK as a follow on supplement in the transition to deep well plates

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ICON is the perfect choice for:
  • Cell line development for biologics

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