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Cell Metric® X

Highlighted Features
  • Automated Evidence of Clonality saves the user time by pre-identifying cell locations
  • STUDIUS™ integration enables streamlined workflow and quality data management across the Solentim Ecosystem
  • Walk-away automation for reduced hands-on time for high-throughput use
  • Easy integration with third-party robotics
  • Automatic clonality report for confident submissions
  • Confluence Precision Scan accurate to within 5%
  • Automated setup for ease-of-use and reduced learning curve

Cell Metric® X

For unrivaled clonality assurance and high-contrast imaging, make the trusted standard your standard.

Clonal Assurance on Day 0

Cell Metric® set the standard for high-contrast imaging. Cell Metric X raises the bar, delivering faster, easier clonality verification on day 0 to accelerate your path to IND submission—with zero compromise in quality.

Simplify Clonal Assurance with Artificial Intelligence

Identify single-cell clones on day 0 with artificial intelligence-based Automated Evidence of Clonality (AEC) and move from testing to IND submission weeks faster.

Streamline Your Process

Cell Metric X portfolio includes a 10-position plate stacker, and compatibility with third party robotics. Integration with the STUDIUS™ data management platform and the entire Solentim Ecosystem automates clonality reports and streamlines decision making.

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Automated Evidence of Clonality

Identify clones at day 0 with unbiased assistance from artificial intelligence.
Say goodbye to cumbersome, error-prone manual image analysis. AEC eliminates the weeks of waiting typically needed to confirm successful seeding.

Get the data you need when you need it.

Reduce time and effort – move to IND weeks faster

With the power of artificial intelligence-based Automated Evidence of Clonality (AEC), you’ll be able to effortlessly identify single-cell clones on day 0, allowing you to move from testing to IND submission weeks faster. In the event of a failed experiment, you’ll know on day zero whether to move forward.

Efficient Workflows for Regulated Environments

Manual analysis of every well in each plate across multiple time points back to day 0 is a time-consuming and labor–intensive effort that extends project timelines by weeks or more and introduces risk of error.

Cell Metric X automates time-consuming analysis associated with identifying clonal colonies, dramatically streamlining your cell line development workflow.

High-Resolution Images

High quality imaging and highly tuned brightfield optical path enable fast and confident identification of cells.

  • Confluence Precision scanning measures confluence to within 5% accuracy, thus saving time by revealing the optimal timepoint for cell expansion
  • Automated setup and optimization of imaging parameters, including focus, improves efficiency.

Cell Metric X factors

Automated clonality reports

Cell Metric X is powered by the STUDIUS™ data management platform for ultimate data integrity. The automated clonality report compiles images, time stamps, annotations and comments as a solid record of evidence ready for confident IND submission.

Part of the Solentim ecosystem

Data from VIPS® PRO ICON™, and Cell Metric X all flow into STUDIUS, giving you full visibility into the CLD workflow from seeding through to final selection. The need for spreadsheet comparisons is eliminated, saving weeks of labor time annually, minimizing errors, and accelerating the path to IND submission.

Demonstrated IND success

Used by leading pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies and CDMOs worldwide, Cell Metric is the leading solution for compiling evidence of clonality for Investigational New Drug (IND) submissions. Cell Metric X continues that tradition, with added automation for improved efficiency and data quality.

Unmatched high-clarity imaging

Cell Metric X uses the same high-contrast, high-resolution imaging as its predecessor, with right-up-to-the-edge imaging for optimal single-cell detection. Solentim’s Cell Metric X puts the focus on proof, not probability.

“The Solentim ecosystem allowed Wheeler to rapidly develop and launch a standardized cell line development service that is integrated with a scalable drug substance process.” — Mike Brem, Director of Cell Line Development (CLD), Wheeler Bio

Technical Specifications

Spec Description
Dimensions (D x W x H)12.8" x 18.3" x 19" (32.5 cm x 46.5 cm x 48.2 cm)
Net Weight 77.16 lbs (35 kg)
Operating Conditions Indoor use only
Temperature: 50° F to 104° F (10-40° C)
Humidity: 20% to 80% non-condensing
Altitude: Up to 2000M
Mains Supply: +/- 10% rated voltage
Electrical Supply Power Supply Input Voltage: 100-240V AV 50-60Hz 3A Single Phase
Power Supply Output Voltage: 24V DC – 250W
Power Supply Input Connection: IEC Input
Automated Plate Loader Electrical Supply Power Supply Input Voltage: 100-240V AV 50-60Hz 3A Single Phase
Power Supply Output Voltage: 24V DC – 400W
Power Supply Input Connection: IEC Input Fuse T8AH

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  • Biologics development and production
  • Cell and gene therapy and viral vector production
  • Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) production

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