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Clone Imaging with Assurance

Ensuring clonality with high contrast imaging

Streamline data-gathering for regulatory submissions and assure the clonality of your cell lines with Cell Metric, a high contrast imager designed specifically for bioprocessing applications.

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Solentim Cell Metric®

The Trusted Standard for Clonal Assurance

Cell Metric is a high contrast imager designed for single cell imaging, identification and clonal outgrowth characterization.

Cell Metric captures and records crucial evidence, whole well image of the single cell at day 0 and daily imaging thereafter, all wrapped up in a clonality report defining best practice for Master Cell Bank production.

Cell Growth Reagents

Designed to work with VIPS™ automation, Cell Metric imaging, ICON™ cell analysis, and manual cell growth processes, the Insti Reagents products transform workflows and greatly enhance the number of successful colonies per plate, conferring major growth and survival advantages.

They are proprietary animal component-free cell culture supplements for CHO and HEK cells that enhance growth at multiple points in the cell development cycle, including early cell growth and single cell survival, during the transition to deep-well plates, and to protect cells during freezing and thawing.

"By adopting VIPS and Cell Metric, the CLD team can cut our timelines for transfection to Ambr®15 from 6 months down to 10-13 weeks"

Jolanda Gerritsen, Technology Expert, Cell Line Development, Genmab

Ambr® is a registered trademark of Sartorius AG

Case Study

Accelerating Cell Line Development with VIPS and Cell Metric at Genmab

A simple solution which has slashed cell line development times at Genmab From transfection to Ambr® 15 in only 10-13 weeks.

What plate types are compatible with the Cell Metric?

Advanced Instruments provides a plate compatibility matrix with the instrument for plates which have been validated on the Cell Metric.

How long does it take to image a plate?

With Cell Metric, it takes only 6 minutes to image a 96-well plate.

Can I analyze the images that I gather using the Cell Metric?

Yes, you can perform single cell verification, clonal outgrowth analysis and generate a clonality report using the software included with the Cell Metric.