Our legacy of high-quality osmometers continues with new features in response to the demands of everchanging hospital laboratory environments.

Ensuring Your Lab Maximizes Productivity

Our portfolio of clinical osmometers deliver the ease-of-use features demanded by hospital labs to ensure they stay productive.

Easily integrated into any lab workflow, our instruments offer the level of automation needed to ensure maximum productivity, so labs can handle any level of patient sample testing in an efficient manner. With increasing levels of staff shortages and continued challenges, this is of utmost importance.

OsmoPRO® MAX Automated Osmometers


Osmo1® Single-Sample Micro-Osmometer


OsmoPRO® Multi-Sample Micro-Osmometer


Clinical Calibrators and Controls


Why are Our Osmometers the Best Fit for Clinical Laboratories?

Trusted & Reliable Brand

Labs worldwide have relied on our osmometers, services and support for over 65 years. Of labs that participated in a recent CAP proficiency survey (C-A 2021), 97% used an Advanced Instruments osmometer.

Efficient & Easy to Use

Our osmometers require minimal recalibration (as infrequent as 
every 6 months) and the freezing point osmometers can be powered on 24/7.

Robust Data Storage

We save you time by minimizing paperwork. Our osmometers store 1,000 results, which can be printed, exported via USB, or sent to the LIS, and they maintain an audit trail of 10,000 events.

Value-Added Service Offerings

We provide full-service customer care with service agreements, installation, training, and validation services provide your laboratory peace of mind and save you time.

Choose The Right Advanced Instruments Osmometer For Your Needs

All models support compliance with accreditation bodies

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Workflow Optimizations
Integrated barcode scanner
Multi-language touchscreen display
Multi-sample capability
Automatic cleaning between samples
Automatic testing
STAT testing & load more capability
Continuous loading and unloading
Programmable replicate testing
Badge scanning capability
Automatic sample identification
Primary tube testing
Onboard video instructions
Quality Control Features
Out of specification QC alert capability
Real-time QC status indicator
Primary vial control testing*
Data Traceability, Security and Flexibility
Sample ID traceability
User traceability
Two-level, password protected user access
Onboard results & events storage
Ethernet for LIS connectivity
Multiple USB connections
Minimum sample volume 190 µL 20 µL 20 µL
Osmolality test method Freezing point depression Freezing point depression Freezing point depression
Size (w/d, cm) 36 x 42 25 x 38 36 x 38
Part # OsmoPRO MAX OsmoPRO Osmo1
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What our customers say

The [Osmo1] is a valuable tool within our facility. The set up was extremely easy. There are a lot of features for programming if you require passwords for individual users or if you just want any lab personnel to be able to run a sample. ... . Maintenance is easy to perform, it is not time consuming, or something you need to dig out the manual for complex instructions. The supply pack has a sensor in it so when consumables need to be replaced it will auto-update the supplies and alert when supplies are >50...

Judy McCormick

Meno Ya Win Hospital

The Osmo1 is a wonderful instrument. You can rely on the results. When testing in duplicate the results are always within 2 of the original results. The analyzer is simple to use and maintain. I have used an analyzer like this for 15+ years and have never had an instrument related failure. Advanced Instruments offers the supplies that a medical laboratory scientist needs to perform linearities, quality controls, and set standards for this analyzer. ...

Regenia Zeringue

Sky Lakes Medical Center

Advanced Instruments Osmo 1 Single [sample osmometer] is an exceptional product. It is user friendly and easy to train new employees and students. The user guide is extremely detailed and thorough and easy to follow along. The instrument is reliable and using only faults due to human error. Great product!

Lacey Campbell

Springhill Medical Center

[Protinol and Renol produce] great results with the analyzer we use. Excellent quality and easy to use.

Audra Wilson

Meadows Regional Medical Center

We love our Osmo1 single [sample osmometer]. It's simple to calibrate, clean, and maintain. The precision and accuracy is much better [than] our previous Fiske 210 model and the Protinol and Renol controls are very stable.

Lacey Campbell

Springhill Medical Center

The [OsmoPRO] has helped with testing and being able to batch tests and walk away from the instrument. The staff were very happy when we received this instrument. Easy to use. Maintenance is simple. Results are reliable and consistent. No duplicate or triplicate testing anymore. Very little downtime. Had to change the probe once but took minutes.

Judy Przybyla

Oishei Children's Hospital

The [OsmoPRO] osmometer is technically easy to use and decreases total sample run time and user commitment time. It is a reliable instrument. The thing I really appreciate about Advanced Instruments is their awesome phone technical support! ... Overall, I would buy again. And I would definitely purchase from Advanced Instruments.

Lisa Herickhoff


The [OsmoPRO's] auto-sampling allows walkaway operation for multiple patient samples; we also have a lot fewer issues with pre-freeze errors from improper cleaning of the chamber.

Nathan Okawa

Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center

The [OsmoPRO] is a nice instrument! AI provides excellent customer service. This is the second osmometer I've purchased from them, and the second was largely due to the excellent phone technical support. ...

Lisa Herickhoff


The Osmo1 was very easy to set up. Instructions were easy to follow. I like that the printer is incorporated into the analyzer and that the consumable boxes have sensors that count down the number of tips left. Very easy for staff to use.

Karen Thompson

SSM Health DePaul Hospital - St.Louis

Great customer service, the FSE was knowledgeable and personable. The analyzer, which was an updated version of our previous osmometer, provides ease of use, updated technology, and produces accurate and reproducible results. The Osmo1 single sample micro osmometer makes maintaining regulatory compliance simple.

James DeGori

HNL Lab Medicine

I am the technical specialist for the area. The ease of use and small sample volume needed are what has impressed me the most [about the Osmo1]. Also, the programming ability. The team we deal with here in the Halifax area are exceptional and are always here to help in any way necessary. The instruments allow us to produce not only a quality result, but we do it the most efficient way possible.

Erica Mayo


The Osmo1 follows in the footsteps of its predecessors like the 3250. The introduction of barcode scanning and touch screen has provided better functionality and connectivity. The device has rock solid performance and uses the same supplies as the 3250. Advanced Instruments is definitely the market leader when it comes to osmolality measurement with accurate results for patient clinical use in a 24/7 environment.

Ken Onuska

Halton Healthcare

The Osmo1 osmometer is a very simple to use osmometer. The instrument is reliable, robust, accurate and very fast at collecting data. Our department have been using it for over a year and a half and I have never experienced any big issue with it. ... Overall, it is a high-quality instrument, accurate results, easy to use.

Haileab Ghebrekidan


The Protinol and Renol QC that Advanced Instruments offers is just what our lab needed to verify and feel confident in our instrument's performance at clinically relevant levels. Our original QC material was only assessing abnormal high values. Now ... we have QC that measures low, normal and high values, which helps us stay in control at all decision points. ... no more thawing so saves time! ... Now we can easily scan the provided barcodes ... to ensure all results make it to the LIS. It has helped us stay more organized and eliminated manual entry of results. ...

Lab Personnel

West Coast Medical Center

The main advantage offered by the OsmoPRO MAX over our existing machines is the ability to load the samples and then walk away – currently our staff have to sit with the existing equipment until the test is completed. With workloads going up and pressures on staffing that feature is really valuable and was the biggest benefit for our laboratory.”

Debra Beesley

Lead Biomedical Scientist, Clinical Biochemistry, Royal Preston Hospital

The OsmoPRO MAX was very easy to use. I had minimal training and was able to easily navigate around the various screens within the software. The software was very user friendly and it’s good that it was very similar to the OsmoPRO software so it felt familiar. Our other members of staff found it very easy to use.

Katie Hicks

Senior Biomedical Scientist, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

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