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Streamline workflow, save money and improve the quality and consistency of your bacterial cultivation.

Reliable and Quality Controlled Environments

Anaerobic bacteria are common causes of infection and will be missed in clinical diagnosis unless special precautions are taken for their isolation and culture. With anaerobic culture, microbiologists are not only challenged with obtaining a good specimen, but also with ensuring that the specimen does not come in contact with air.

Exact Environment Required in Minutes

With our Anoxomat Anaerobic Jar System, automatically and easily create exact, repeatable environments to keep clinical labs productive so patients can get treated quickly and spend less time in the hospital.

Anoxomat easily fits into your workflow, while saving money and improving the quality and consistency of your bacterial cultivation.

Save Money Annually Compared to Gaspak Methods

Less hazardous waste disposal than gas generating sachet systems can save a lab $3,500-$7,500/ year, leading to savings up to $10,000 annually in tech time.

Manage Increased Workload More Efficiently

Liquid handlers, automated or manual, are essential tools in clinical laboratories. While their function is the same, their performance is not.  With patients’ health and welfare at stake, you need to be confident that your test results are as accurate as possible. 

Our technology can take the liquid handling errors out of the equation. With two different pipette technique and management certification programs dedicated to training laboratory staff who work with pipettes, our liquid handling services can help you streamline processes and increase productivity.  

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Get the best performance from your instruments from the experts who designed them. We provide a range of services and service plans to meet your specific needs.

Our certified Field Service Engineers provide on-site, professional installation, training, validation, and system maintenance support.

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The small footprint of this instrument is great for our lab! The Anoxomat is a workhorse and has given us very few problems historically. Ease of use among many users and quality, reproducible results are a given with this instrument.

Jessica Gabriel

Northside Hospital Gwinnett

I have set up and trained fellow employees on how to use the PCS Pipette Calibration system over all of our laboratory departments and three hospitals. It is easy to use and understand how to use it in step-by-step instructions while calibrating and setting up pipettes for calibrations.

Angela Achneider

Consultants Laboratory, Agnesian Healthcare

The PCS Pipette Calibrations system is easy to use. The Artel Calibration Standard set is customizable to your set of pipettes. Their service team works hard to match the kit to individual site needs. Capable of calibrating single and multichannel pipettes.

Kathryn Traughber

Tri Cities Laboratory

[The Anoxomat is] very easy to use and efficient, easy to clean and reliable, it was such an improvement from our previous method of heat sealing and anaerobic pouches, I absolutely love these jars!

Magdalena Margiotta


The Artel pipette calibration system has completely streamlined our calibration program. The amount of downtime due to uncalibrated pipettes and pipettes requiring external calibration has been reduced. Non-conformance due to calibration has been eliminated.

Bryan Waters

MPI-Animal Health Laboratory

The Anoxomat has been extremely useful in the growth and care of anaerobic cultures in my laboratory and allows us for advanced patient care when it comes to cultures that grow a variety of microbiological organisms. At the push of a button, we are able to simulate anaerobic conditions ideal for their growth.

Scott Connolly

VA Boston Healthcare

[With the Artel PCS], we run pipette calibrations for multiple sections and push through 200+ pipettes in 2 months…We love the access to the computer to make saving and printing the results so much easier especially where we have to file away information for 7 separate labs each with their own set of pipettes.

Ashley Aurand-Cravens

KY Divisions of Lab Services

We use an Artel PCS system to calibrate our pipettes. We purchase all the reagents necessary to use. Have contacted Artel Technical support for questions in regard to using the Artel system and necessary trouble shooting suggestions. Happy with the service for purchase of the system that we are using and the products. Verification of pipettes using this system has saved us time and provided more accurate results compared to using balances for verification of pipettes in particular small volumes.

Fathieh Shafiee

Wisonsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Artel PCS is very easy to use. The results are consistent between different users. The software is user friendly and makes it easy to keep schedules and calibration plans organized. It has sped up the calibration process.

Vicki Duch

St.Jude Children's Research Hospital

The Anoxomat system is easy to use, has very little maintenance and consistently gives good growth of quality control organisms.

Janet Reynolds

Grandview Medical Center

Ease of use and reproducibility of results are excellent. I would recommend [Anoxomat] for any microbiology department to ensure proper anaerobic conditions are met!

Stefanie Taitano

Keesler Air Force Base

We have no problems recovering fastidious anaerobes and microaerophilic organisms such as Campylobacter. The [Anoxomat] instrument is easy to use with very few problems. Our techs like the disposable sachets ... there is one less task for the techs to monitor and perform.

Terry O'Donnell

Mount Carmel Health System

Anoxomat is the best anaerobic system. In our lab settings, anaerobic bacteria's isolated from deep tissue and fluid samples using this system with flexibility while maintaining quality. Besides anaerobic environment, it can also provide microaerophilic, or custom environments, such as capnophilic, depending on requirements. It also offers users the ability to program recipes with the optional “User-Generated Recipes” function.

Asma Siddiqua


The Anoxomat III is an efficient instrument. It continues to provide anaerobic conditions for our anaerobic chambers with consistent results. It is relatively easy to use. You can add additional plates to a jar after it has been charged, just remember to let the jar come to atmospheric conditions for a minute before you recharge it. ...

Patrick McGeehan

Capital Region Medical Center

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