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Advanced Instruments at Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing & Commercialization Europe

Come and see our NEW VIPS™ PRO for single cell seeding and more!

Join us in Amsterdam on Dec 5-8 to see the latest in CLD solutions at our booth and learn more about improved iPSC workflows using VIPS PRO and MatriClone by Advanced Instruments

Save the Date! Join us on Tuesday Dec 6 for a scientific presentation

Deriving iPSC clones using Advanced Instruments Cell Line Development Portfolio

The rapid adaption of hiPSCs in C&GT workflows requires unique technologies to support iPSC clonally derived cell lines. A challenge for producing iPSC therapies is confirming monoclonality and pluripotency. Today’s seminar will demonstrate the efficacy of using the VIPS PRO single cell seeder in combination with our solution-based matrix Matriclone to generate confirmed clonally derived single cell-derived iPSC clones..

December 6 at 15:15 PM
Track: Cell Therapy Manufacturing and Analytics
Room 1.1

Camilla Domeneghetti
Biology Manager – Cell Line Development

See the leading Cell Line Development solutions in-person and meet our team at booth #46.

Introducing Solentim VIPS™ PRO, A High Efficiency Single Cell Seeder to Optimize Cell Line Development Workflows

VIPS PRO delivers powerful and efficient seeding technology and definitive proof of monoclonality for workflow productivity and confidence.

VIPS PRO revolutionizes cell line development (CLD) workflows by combining powerful seeding technology with two-step, image-based proof of monoclonality and proprietary artificial intelligence-driven cell recognition for increased productivity and confidence.

Solentim Cell Metric®

The Trusted Standard for Clonal Assurance
Cell Metric is a high contrast imager designed for single cell imaging, identification and clonal outgrowth characterization.

Key Whole-Well Evidence
Cell Metric captures and records crucial evidence, whole well image of the single cell at day 0 and daily imaging thereafter, all wrapped up in a clonality report defining best practice for Master Cell Bank production.

Available as a stand-alone single plate system, or with automated plate handling within a temperature-controlled environment from Cell Metric CLD or downstream third-party robotic integration.

Solentim ICON™

The ICON with integrated STUDIUS data management platform enables scientists in the biotherapeutic development industry to digitally transform their process and make informed decisions quicker, earlier, and more securely.

ICON with STUDIUS uniquely combines titer, viability and productivity data using low volume assays on a single reader, with the clonality and confluence data from Cell Metric® and/or VIPS™ to track and rank clones automatically, rapidly and consistently from the cloning plate, through fed-batch suspension shaking cultures to spin tubes, shake flasks up to multi-parallel mini bio-reactors such as Ambr®, regardless of the different formats used and without the risk of error.

OsmoTECH® XT Single-Sample Micro-Osmometer

Increase your productivity and reliability with powerful freezing point depression technology for osmolality measurement with the OsmoTECH XT single-sample osmometer. The OsmoTECH XT measures the widest variety of sample types (high concentration, high viscosity) accurately across bioprocessing and cell & gene therapy workflows. It’s also designed to make your work as streamlined and comfortable as possible with even more robust data integrity and compliance features to match your digital environment. See how the OsmoTECH XT osmometer will change the way you work in the lab.

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