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Come and see our NEW VIPS™ PRO for single cell seeding!

We invite you to stop by booth #20 and join our scientific presentations at Cell UK in London to learn more about the Solentim & OsmoTECH portfolios.

Marta Rucka
Global Product Leader

Proof or Probability? Latest Technology for Assurance of Clonality in Cell Therapy Manufacturing

In this talk we will discuss how the latest GMP-compliant solution for single cell cloning. By combining gentle and high efficiency seeding with industry leading imaging VIPS™ PRO can be easily adopted into clinical manufacturing. The two-step image-based evidence of clonality eliminates any guesswork surrounding monoclonality by relaying on proof rather than probability. Furthermore, our cutting-end software platform not only simplifies data analysis but offers 21 CFR Part 11 compliant features for data management and audit trail perfectly suited for GMP-workflows.

November 8 at 9:50AM

Kendal Studd
Scientific Support Specialist

Osmolality As a Key Metric Within Cryopreservation

The awareness, interest, and use of osmolality in Cell & Gene Therapy and mAb production has grown dramatically. Recent work establishing a role in improving the quality and yield of AAV production in upstream processes is one example. Osmolality is well known as a quality metric for media, buffer and formulation development, and within this talk we will showcase a further use in cryopreservation for cell banking. We will also introduce the OsmoTECH HT, the first of its kind, high throughput osmometer and how it can help improve efficiencies throughout the bioprocess workflow.

November 7 at 9:20AM

Advanced Instruments Introduces Solentim VIPS™ PRO, A High Efficiency Single Cell Seeder to Optimize Cell Line Development Workflows

VIPS PRO delivers powerful and efficient seeding technology and definitive proof of monoclonality for workflow productivity and confidence.

VIPS PRO revolutionizes cell line development (CLD) workflows by combining powerful seeding technology with two-step, image-based proof of monoclonality and proprietary Artificial Intelligence-driven cell recognition for increased productivity and confidence.

Come visit us at Booth #20!

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OsmoTECH® PRO Multi-Sample Micro-Osmometer

Designed to meet the high sample throughput, regulatory compliance (including 21 CFR part 11), and data management needs of busy bioprocessing and biomanufacturing labs, the OsmoTECH PRO Multi-Sample Micro-Osmometer combines ease-of-use with accurate and precise osmolality measurements for reliable and reproducible results.

Optimize and ensure the quality and consistency of buffers, media, product, excipients, and process parameters to maximize biologic yield, quality, and purity.

Come visit us at Booth #20!

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