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High performance cell growth supplements

The development of cell lines to produce protein biologics and gene therapies has historically been a significant challenge due to the numerous cell culture limitations. From the harsh conditions associated with cryopreservation and transfection, to single cell isolation for regulatory approval, to expansion to shaking conditions for bulk manufacture, the health of the cells involved can often take a substantial hit. Whether it be Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells for the production of protein therapeutics or Human Embryonic Kidney (HEK) cells for the production of new gene therapies, poor viability and viable cell densities can cause huge workflow inefficiencies.

Highlighted features
  • Designed for HEK and CHO
  • Improve cloning efficiency
  • Animal Free Certification
  • Reduce CLD Project Timelines
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001
  • Ready to use

InstiGRO™, InstSHAKE™ and InstiTHAW™ are proprietary, animal component free, cell culture supplements which have been designed to support suspension CHO and HEK cell lines. While InstiTHAW supports cells during cryopreservation and revival, InstiGRO supports cells during the cloning process. Finally, InstiSHAKE is designed to support cells in bulk culture, and during expansion to shaking culture conditions.

Protect cells during cryopreservation
and enhance revival

These supplements protect cells during cryopreservation and promote recovery during the revival period. Simply add the supplement to during cryopreservation and/or revival to see improved percentage viability and viable cell density.

  • Improved cell growth – Supports cells during cryopreservation and revival.
  • Easy to use – Simply add to your cryopreservative mix and/or cell culture medium during revival.

Enhance clonal outgrowth

These supplements support the development of clonal colonies following single cell isolation. Simply add the reagent to your outgrowth medium before seeding.

  • Improved clonal outgrowth – Supports cells following isolation and promotes healthy colonies
  • Optical clarity – The InstiGRO products are compatible with whole well imaging for regulatory approval
  • Easy to use – Simply add to your cloning medium before single cell dispensing

Support cells in bulk culture

These supplements support cells in bulk culture. Specifically, InstiSHAKE can be used to help expand clones to shaking conditions.

  • Improved cell growth – InstiSHAKE promotes high viability and viable cell density of cells in bulk culture
  • Support adaptation – InstiSHAKE supports the expansion of clonal colonies from static to shaking culture conditions.
  • Easy to use –Simply add to your cell culture medium.

Customer Experiences

“We use InstiGRO CHO to improve the efficiency of our cloning projects. The supplement has helped us achieve clonal outgrowth >80% and has reduced the time taken for clones to reach our desired confluence by 2 weeks!

During expansion, we use InstiSHAKE CHO to support the adaptation of our clones to shaking culture. Thanks to InstiSHAKE CHO, we have significantly reduced the number of clones lost (by 90%) and have reduced the amount of time taken for cells to reach our desired viable cell density and viability by 7 days.

Taken together, the combined use of InstiGRO CHO and InstiSHAKE CHO can accelerate our CLD workflow up to 3 weeks with little compromise to productivity.”

– CHO+Plus

VIPS® PRO + InstiGRO: a powerful combination

VIPS® PRO is a high throughput single cell seeder which has been designed to help scientists overcome the inefficiencies associated with limiting dilution. With built in imaging capabilities, the VIPS PRO system supports regulatory approval by providing that crucial piece of evidence – The single cell in the whole well.

When partnered with our cell growth supplements, the duo become a very powerful combination. While VIPS PRO provides the high throughput seeding and imaging, InstiGRO supports the isolated single cells to grow and form health clonal colonies.


Once opened, there is no need to rush to use the reagent. The supplement will still be valid for the full shelf life specified on the certificate of analysis.

No, the reagents are not light sensitive.

No, filtering the reagents will not affect the performance of the product. If you wish to filter the reagents then this is not a problem, however it is not necessary as the product is supplied sterile.

All reagents are manufactured at our site in the Southwest of the UK.

No, manufacturing grade InstiGRO, InstiSHAKE, and InstiTHAW are not commercially available at present. To help us understand your needs further, please contact your local representative from Advanced Instruments, or email us at [email protected].

All of the reagents have been designed and validated for use with suspension  CHO and HEK cell lines. However, this is not to say that your cell line will not benefit from the support of these reagents. If you are interested in evaluating the benefits of the reagents with cell lines other than CHO or HEK, please email us at [email protected].

While the ICHO and HEK reagents have been designed and validated for suspension CHO and HEK cell lines, we have seen great results both internally and amongst our academic customer basis with adherent cell lines. For more information, please email us at [email protected].

The short answer is no – Every new batch of reagent is subject to quality control checks to ensure that there is minimal lot to lot variability. Each new batch of reagent undergoes a functional test to ensure that its formulation and performance is consistent with the previous batch.

InstiGRO CHO, InstiGRO CHO PLUS, and InstiGRO HEK are all available in both 5 mL and 25 mL quantities. InstiSHAKE CHO and HEK are only available in 25 mL quantities, while InstiTHAW CHO and HEK are only available in 5 mL quantities.

No, simply add InstiGRO to your standard outgrowth medium, including any other additives or selective agents which are usually use.

No, you can simply expand clones using your standard growth medium – there is no need to ween the cells from the reagent. InstiGRO is however designed to support cells throughout the static culture phase of the workflow. It therefore may be beneficial to continue using InstiGRO throughout your static culture work.

Yes, as detailed on the Instructions for Use (IFU) document, cells should be cultured with a 1X concentration of instiGRO for 4-24 hours prior to single cell seeding.

No, simply add InstiSHAKE to your standard medium, including any other additives or selective agents which are usually used.

While InstiGRO CHO and CHO PLUS are both designed to support clonal outgrowth, the formulations are slightly different to cater for different cell lines and growth mediums. It is often difficult to predict which formulation will work best. We therefore recommend that all new customers evaluate clonal outgrowth with both formulations before deciding how to proceed.

No, InstiTHAW does not replace DMSO. InstiTHAW should be considered as an additional supplement to your standard cryoprotective solution.

Please email [email protected] if you have any further questions.

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Offering a wide range of services including Advanced Care service agreements, Installation & Training packages and Validation reports, we keep customers productive and their results accurate, with top-level support at and beyond their purchase.

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The Insti products are the perfect solution for:

  • Supporting suspension CHO and HEK cell lines during cryopreservation, revival, single cell cloning, and expansion.
  • Supporting an animal component free workflow, whilst ensuring cells receive all the nutrition they need.
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