Cell Line Development

Cell Growth Supplements
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Enhance cell growth at challenging culture points to accelerate cell line development workflows.

Enhance cell growth for accelerated cell line development

Whether you are working to produce protein therapeutics, gene therapies, or new cell therapies, understanding the requirements of the cells involved is instrumental to success.

While cell culture mediums exist to facilitate cell culture work, the support which they provide alone is often insufficient when it comes to stressful cellular process, such as single cell cloning, clone expansion, cryopreservation, or even routine passaging. Our range of cell culture supplements and matrices are designed to provide cells with the helping hand they need to overcome the various cell culture bottlenecks associated with cell line development. If you are looking to working with CHO, HEK, or iPSC lines then check out what these solutions have to offer!

InstiGRO® + InstiSHAKE™ + InstiTHAW™

Animal component free, chemically defined*, cell culture supplements designed to support the health of suspension CHO and HEK cell lines:

  • InstiGRO assists with early cell growth and single cell survival
  • InstiSHAKE supports cells transition to shaking culture conditions
  • InstiTHAW protects cells during freezing and thawing

MatriClone™ and Clinical Manufacturing Grade Laminin

Xeno-free iPSC matrices which promote the health and pluripotency of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), providing a robust solution for both process development and manufacturing of new iPSC therapies.

MatriClone and Clinical Manufacturing Grade Laminin are optically suited for whole well imaging, allowing high resolution images for regulatory approval to be captured.

*InstiGRO HEK, InstiSHAKE HEK and InstiTHAW HEK products are classified as animal component-free (ACF), and chemically defined (CD). Advanced Instruments relies on supplier-provided documentation for information related to ingredient origin, composition, and classification. Not all information may be known beyond the ingredient level.

Cell Growth Supplements
for CHO and HEK


Solentim iPSC Matrices


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