Whether your cell line produces the biotherapeutic or is the biotherapeutic, we’ve identified critical bottlenecks in the cell line development workflow and created unique instruments and reagents that save time and advance your program while efficiently collecting critical IND-enabling data.

Delivering Speed and Confidence in Your CLD Workflow

From single-cell cloning and colony outgrowth to the establishment of a master cell bank, our portfolio of technologies and cell growth supplements and matrices deliver accelerated workflows while also confidently ensuring clonality. Gain data-driven insights earlier, and track clones by leveraging a powerful data analysis and management platform. Now with solutions to support GMP-certification.

High efficiency, single cell seeding and imaging platform


Cell® Metric X
Clonal imager with
automated assurance


Critical quality
attribute analyzer


Data Management
Software Platform


Cell Growth Supplements


Leading Solutions for Cell Line Development

Built for cell line development

The Solentim Ecosystem of CLD instruments has been created specifically for those needing robust, innovative solutions for single cell cloning workflows. Working together, our instruments unlock powerful data insights and drive efficiencies that have never been possible before.

Quality data for confident FDA submissions

If an IND submission is in your future, it is critical to anticipate the data that will be needed as part of your submission. The Solentim Ecosystem was built to capture high quality image-based proof and data analysis which provides concrete evidence of clonality throughout the CLD process.

Added efficiency to accelerate your workflow

Whether you have a GMP clinical workflow or are performing research, our solutions are designed to increase your efficiency. Get from single cell to master cell bank faster with tools to help you make better data-driven decisions earlier in the process.

Comprehensive & expert service offerings

We provide a range of services and service plans to meet the different needs of our customers. Our certified Field Service Engineers provide on-site professional support for the installation, validation, training and maintenance of your osmometers to avoid disruptions to your work.

What our customers say

During expansion, we use InstiSHAKE CHO to support the adaptation of our clones to shaking culture. Thanks to InstiSHAKE CHO, we have significantly reduced the number of clones lost (by 90%) and have reduced the amount of time taken for cells to reach our desired viable cell density and viability by 7 days.  Taken together, the combined use of InstiGRO CHO and InstiSHAKE CHO can accelerate our CLD workflow up to 3 weeks with little compromise to productivity. 


We use InstiGRO CHO to improve the efficiency of our cloning projects. The supplement has helped us achieve clonal outgrowth >80% and has reduced the time taken for clones to reach our desired confluence by 2 weeks! Taken together, the combined use of InstiGRO CHO and InstiSHAKE CHO can accelerate our CLD workflow up to 3 weeks with little compromise to productivity. 


[With the VIPS PRO], we can trace back the data to the single cell, select from our top 48 cell lines, and report all the information – our proof of monoclonality is already in there, and that’s really nice.

Jolanda Gerritsen


The Enhanced Clonality Reports easily generated by the VIPS/Cell Metric software allows us to track both cells and potential debris from first inception of the single cell in the well, to full-grown colonies enabling us to provide our customers with full traceability and audit trail of each cell line we produce for them with a single, well-crafted document.

Camile Evenou

Celonic AG

The VIPS™ is unique, being the only single cell cloning system on the market that tracks a single cell’s arrival in the actual well with high resolution (z-stack) imaging and to support the subsequent daily whole well imaging provided by the Cell Metric.

Camile Evenou

Celonic AG

The VIPS system allowed us to shave off a few months from our development timeline and select highly stable single clones for manufacturing purposes.

Andy Tsun

Discovery Biology, Biotheus Inc.

The VIPS™ system and software has helped our company to deliver a high-quality data-package that meets global regulatory standards...The ease of use and reliability of the VIPS freed up valuable time.

Andy Tsun

Discovery Biology, Biotheus Inc.

Cell Metric X had the best whole-well imaging capabilities and clonality reports and, when we demoed the instrument, we were convinced by the robustness of the system and very high image quality.

Tom Kelly


The Solentim ecosystem, [and Cell Metric X], allowed Wheeler to rapidly develop and launch a standardized cell line development service that is integrated with a scalable drug substance process.

Mike Brem

Wheeler Bio

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