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For many in biologics process development and manufacturing, knowing that your work saves lives, improves health, and alleviates suffering fuels a commitment to quality. But there are times when ensuring quality can feel like it conflicts with the need for speed and efficiency.

Not all osmometers can deliver the same accuracy, precision and speed as those from Advanced Instruments

At Advanced Instruments, we believe that quality and productivity go hand-in-hand and have built a family of products and services to help biologics developers and manufacturers move efficiently while ensuring the yield, purity, clonality, outgrowth, and consistency of biopharmaceutical products and processes.

Whether you need to develop high-producing cell lines, maintain optimal cell growth, provide assurance of clonality, ensure active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) purity and yield, or confirm quality during fill and finishing, we offer products that will keep your processes productive and on track, saving time and reducing costly re-work.


Advanced Instruments is speeding bioprocess development and manufacturing while ensuring quality and compliance across a variety of applications.

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Cell Line Development

“Advanced Instruments osmometers are simple to use, require very small volumes, and provide results in 90 seconds...Of all the analytical tools used in our lab, Advanced Instruments osmometers were the most reliable.”

GERRY DROUILLARD, Biopharmaceutical Process Engineer

"By adopting VIPS and Cell Metric, the CLD team can cut our timelines for transfection to Ambr®15 from 6 months down to 10-13 weeks"

Jolanda Gerritsen, Technology Expert, Cell Line Development, Genmab

Ambr® is a registered trademark of Sartorius AG

Popular Educational Resources

Find out why the freezing point depression method used in all of Advanced Instruments’ osmometers is considered the industry’s gold standard and learn about faster data-driven methods for cell line development in the resources below.

Associated Products



OsmoTECH® HT Automated

Move faster with the only plate-based micro-osmometer currently available that is ready to support the automation and high throughput bioprocessing needs.


OsmoTECH® PRO Multi-Sample Micro-Osmometer

Optimize and ensure the quality and consistency of buffers, media, product, excipients, and process parameters with an instrument designed for bioprocessing labs.


OsmoTECH® XT Single-Sample Micro-Osmometer

Measure the widest variety of sample types—including samples at high concentration and/or with high viscosity—accurately across bioprocessing and cell & gene therapy workflows.

Advanced Insturments OsmoTech device with peripherals for use by Advanced Instruments

OsmoTECH® Single-Sample Micro-Osmometer

Streamline single sample osmolality measurement while meeting regulatory compliance needs with this easy-to-use osmometer.

Cell Line Development Instruments


Solentim VIPS® PRO

Take single cell cloning and image based clonality assurance to a whole new level of quality with this single cell seeding instrument.


Solentim Cell Metric® X

Quickly and confidently assure clonality with this high contrast imager designed for single cell imaging, identification and clonal outgrowth characterization.


Solentim ICON™

Make better decisions faster with a single, multifunctional instrument that enables the triage of clones via low volume titer and viable cell assays.

Reagents and Controls

Cell Growth Reagents

Culture healthier cells with InstiGRO proprietary animal component-free cell culture supplements for CHO and HEK cells.

Solentim MatriClone™ IPSC Matrices

Support iPSC growth in single seeding workflows while maintaining pluripotency with MatriClone, an animal component-free matrix.

A wide range of Advanced Instruments calibration standards are available and designed to accurately calibrate our full line of Advanced osmometers at specific levels.

Test an osmolality standard that is closer to your sample osmolality to ensure sample testing accuracy.

Great compliant instrument. Configuration and user setup was a breeze!

TROY FRANZ, Quality Control Manager, Paragon Bioservices


Bioprocessing Services

Get the best performance from your osmometers and cell line development instruments from the people who designed and built them. We provide a range of services and service plans to meet the different needs of our customers.

Our certified Field Service Engineers provide on-site professional support for the installation, training, validation, and maintenance of your Advanced Instruments products.