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UK Biopharm Osmometers Virtual Users’ Group


UK Biopharm Osmometers Virtual Users’ Group



May 10 – 14, 2021

Mark your calendar for Monday, May 10th – Friday, May 14th  for the UK Biopharm Osmometer User’s Virtual Week. Hear from osmometer users and Advanced Instruments product experts with guidance into topics such as:

  • Equipment maintenance
  • Data management can be laborious. Learn about available options for transferring data from your osmometer to laboratory data systems and how you can optimise this to save you time
  • Reducing the risk of deficiency in regulatory inspections
  • Complying with evolving Pharmacopeias
  • New applications in biopharma and cell and gene therapy.

Most importantly, it’s a chance to network with peers in other biopharmaceutical laboratories in 1 hour sessions each day from 2 pm – 3 pm BST.

Schedule of Events

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Nick Ringwood May 10, 2021 (14:00) Osmometer Tips & Tricks for Bioprocessing Labs

Did you know that the sampler on your osmometer contains a hidden volume calibration tool? You’ll get tips like this plus guidance on good pipetting techniques, maintenance routines and calibration when you join this session delivered by UK Service Manager and “man in the know”, Nick Ringwood.

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Lucia Marani May 11, 2021 (14:00) Osmolality Measurement of Lentiviral Vectors for Cell and Gene Therapy Applications

Hear from Lucia Marani, Analytical Development Scientist from Oxford BioMedica about applications of the OsmoTECH osmometer. Kendal Studd, Scientific Application Specialist for Advanced Instruments will round off the session by presenting a summary of published research showing that in vector manufacturing, osmolality is a factor in control of stability and aggregation for lentivirus and other viral vector types.

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Ian Ramsay May 12, 2021 (14:00) Data integrity and IQOQ in an MHRA Audit

If you’re using or planning to use your Advanced Instruments osmometer in a GMP environment then its’ level of compliance will be part of the discussion during an inspection by regulators such as MHRA, FDA, or others. In this session, Ian Ramsay of Ramsay Pharma will talk about the deficiencies typically encountered during inspection, in particular, relating to data integrity. Ramsay Pharma advises on avoidance of deficiencies at inspection and provides consultancy services for customers preparing for a GMP audit. The session will include Q and A.

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Bill Saccoccio May 13, 2021 (14:00) Connect Your Advanced Instruments Osmometer to a Data Collection System

In this tutorial, Bill Saccoccio, AI Service Technician,  will cover the available options for archiving data from your osmometer and provide guidance on how to connect to a network, LIMS system, or ELN among others. If any of these descriptions apply to you then you should join

  • You’re using an older osmometer and would like to understand the range of connectivity features of the latest instruments
  • You have a TECH family osmometer and would like to understand how to connect your instrument to your network, LIMS system, or ELN
  • You’re an IT professional and have been asked by an osmometer user in the organization to connect the osmometer to a data system
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Meredith Pesta and Shweta Nair May 14, 2021 (14:00) Pharmacopeia Compliance

Your lab may be tasked with complying with various Pharmacopeia such as USP chapter 785 (to which there have been recent changes), EP, and others. In this session, experts from Advanced Instruments will clarify the current state of play around the following topics

  • New software and hardware developments from AI which aid compliance
  • The range of calibration standards and controls offered by AI to aid compliance
  • IQOQ offerings

This will be followed by an open panel discussion to get feedback on what the pain points are and how future product developments might help.


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