Artel PCS® Pipette Calibration System

Simplify single-channel pipette calibration

The Artel pipette calibration system has completely streamlined our calibration program. The amount of downtime due to uncalibrated pipettes and pipettes requiring external calibration has been reduced. Non-conformance due to calibration has been eliminated.

Bryan Waters / MPI-Animal Health Laboratory

Easily calibrate pipettes, perform interim verifications, standardize operator skills and manage inventory

Fast, accurate, and precise, the PCS is a portable and easy-to-use volume verification system that simplifies single-channel pipette calibration, interim volume verification, and pipette user/operator training and competency assessment. Paired with the included ArtelWare­­­™ Software, the PCS allows you to manage your pipette inventory with calibration and interim verification scheduling, email notifications, pipette and pipette operator status, and comprehensive, auditable documentation. Easily meet both external regulatory requirements and internal quality standards to ensure data quality.

Highlighted features
  • Rapid Pipette Calibration
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Compact & Portable Design
  • No Environmental Control Requirement

Ensure data integrity, reliable test results, and regulatory compliance

The power of the PCS stems from dual-dye ratiometric photometry that uses standardized dye solutions to measure dispensed volumes. The system is robust against variations in environmental conditions and calibration results are supported by an unbreakable chain of traceability to national and international standards, enabling straightforward comparison of pipettes, operators, methods, and locations. 


Using the ArtelWare Software, select a pipette or operator to begin calibration or competency assessment.


Pipette sample into the cuvette. Results for each dispense are quickly displayed within the software.


Digitally review, approve and sign-off on calibrations and operator assessments.


The PCS conforms to the Dual-Dye Ratiometric Photometric Method described in ISO 8655-7:2022 and facilitates conformity to the Photometric Reference Measurement Procedure described in ISO 8655-8:2022. The PCS can be used to fulfill test and calibration requirements according to CLSI QMS23:2019, ISO 17025, cGMP, and cGLP. ArtelWare and PCS Software can be used in laboratories compliant to 21 CFR Part 11.

Artel has evolved our brand to better align with our values and the customers we serve, and to symbolize where we are today. But the Artel mission has remained the same – to help labs achieve their goals for quality, productivity, and compliance. One of the changes made during the transition was consolidating the array of verification solutions under the new QualAssure label. The QualAssure name describes the assurance of accurate, precise, and reproducible data that customers have come to expect from using Artel technology, products and services. The products themselves are the same proven formulations and volumes as users have come to depend on and customers do not need to change their ordering processes.

  • Calibrate pipettes under the exact conditions in which they are used, in the lab where they are used.
  • Perform operator competency assessments in the lab environment, in which pipette users work, with the actual pipettes used by the operators.
  • Powerful PCS Software manages the entire pipette inventory and operator assessments.
  • Audits become a breeze, as all pipette calibration and operator performance information is stored in one central, secure place.
  • Fast operation: a full pipette calibration with 3 x 10 data points takes only about 7 minutes to complete, including furnishing a calibration report.
  • User determines the schedule, test volumes, number of data points, and pass/fail tolerances – for pipette calibrations and operator assessments.
  • Lean, paperless workflow: user can set email alerts for due calibrations and skills assessments and review and approve/reject results electronically.
  • Excellent pipetting technique training tool.
  • PCS instrument is essentially maintenance free.
  • Ease of use: all calibration solutions are supplied ready-to-use, no need to prepare reagents or establish calibration curves.
  • Calibrate pipettes from 0.1 µL (100 nL) to 5,000 µL (5 mL).
  • System inaccuracy of 0.6%; system imprecision 0.3% CV.
  • Instrument works in a wide range of environmental conditions:
    • Temperature range: 15 °C to 30 °C
    • Relative humidity: 10% to 90%, non-condensing
  • Calibration method conforms to ISO 8655 part 7
  • PCS measurement results are traceable to SI units through calibration standards maintained by NIST (USA) and NPL (UK).
  • The PCS can be used in 21 CFR Part 11 compliant facilities.
  • Makes regulatory compliance and audits easy.

Yes, a comprehensive Validation Guide is available to perform full IQ/OQ validations of the PCS instrument and ArtelWare Software.

Some types can be calibrated. Our team will need to evaluate individually.

No, we use specialized reagents in a custom photometer design; PCS QualAssure Solutions, the PCS instrument, and ArtelWare Software are created as a system to provide optimal ease-of-use, speed, accuracy and precision.

Yes, PCS measurement results are traceable to the International System of Units (SI) through calibration standards maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST, USA) and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL, UK). All PCS calibration solutions are tested in Artel’s ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

0.1 μL (100 nL) to 5,000 μL (5 mL)

Yes, an Accredited Laboratory can use the PCS for both, pipette calibration and to demonstrate operator proficiency, by doing the following:

  • Purchase an Artel PCS along with the ISO 17025 PCS Instrument Calibration Certificate (PCS-410).
  • Purchase the PCS Calibrator Kit that includes the ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate (PCS-605).
  • Contact Artel for a detailed PCS Measurement Uncertainty Budget.
  • Follow the ISO 17025 requirements to implement test and/or calibration procedures, and ensure operators are trained and qualified.
  • Comply with any additional requirements imposed by your particular accreditation body.

Note 1: We suggest contacting your Accreditation Body early in the process, so they may advise of all particular requirements.
Note 2: The PCS employs a standard method, and as such is exempt from the method validation requirements of ISO 17025, section 5.4.5.

System Performance

Time Requirements10 data points < 3 minutes
Volume Range0.1 µL to 5000 µL
Uncertainty (Inaccuracy)0.6%
Random Error (Imprecision)0.3%

Artel PCS Instrument

Size(W x L x H): 22.4 cm x 33.0 cm x 14.7 cm (8.8” x 13.0” x 5.8”)
Weight5.7 kg (12.5 lbs.)
Built in scannerReads 2D reagent barcodes
Operational Temperature15 °C to 30 °C
Relative Humidity10% to 90%, non-condensing
Wavelength selection520 nm and 730 nm
Electrical Power RequirementsVoltage: 90 – 260 VAC Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz Current: 2 A maximum
Warranty1 year

PCS Computer

Processorx64 Processor: 2.4 GHz (recommended 4 or more cores)
Memory8 GB (recommended min. 16GB)
I/O Ports2 USB Connectors
NetworkGigabit Ethernet or 802.11n wifi
Storage40 GB of hard drive space
Supported Operating SystemsWindows® 10 or Windows® 11
SQL Server2019, 2017, 2016 and 2014 in Express, Standard, and Enterprise Editions
ArtelWare™ Software

Ensure your liquid handlers and pipettes are performing properly with full suite of management tools.

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PCS® QualAssure® Solutions

The highest standard of quality control for calibration and interim performance verification of your manual pipettes.

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PCS-200PCS Standard Reagent Kit
PCS-211PCS Bulk Kit (customizable)
PCS-225PCS R5 Micro Pipette Reagent
PCS-226PCS R6 Micro Pipette Reagent


PCS-237PCS Plastics Kit for Blank Solution Vial Set
PCS-600PCS Instrument Calibrator Kit
PCS-605PCS Instrument Calibrator Kit with ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Certificate
PCS-700Paper for Printer (Thermal)
PCS-710Paper for Printer (Impact)
PCS-747Cassette for Label Printer


Protect your investment with an Advanced Care service agreement from Advanced Instruments. Take the worry out of service costs and have total peace of mind knowing that your instrument is covered.

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Final Product QC

The production of any therapeutic needs to comply with standards including 21 CFR Part 11, GLP, GMP and other ISO standards. These regulations provide confidence in the quality, safety, and efficacy on the market. To ensure regulatory compliance of your automated liquid handlers, pipettes, and personnel, we can support your lab with liquid volume verification technology, training, and services.

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Cell and Gene Therapies

Whether you are part of a discovery or diagnostics program, next generation sequencing (NGS) and qPCR assays are increasingly being used for making critical decisions. With viscous master mixes, volatile solvents, and critical small volume reagent additions, assays can be time-consuming to automate. Verifying volume transfers and testing different mixing conditions quickly and efficiently is critical as it allows you to assess volume transfer and mixing at each step of the workflow instead of waiting until the assay is complete.

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Clinical Labs

Liquid handlers, automated or manual, are essential tools in clinical laboratories. While their function is the same, their performance is not. With patients’ health and welfare at stake, you need to be confident that your test results are as accurate as possible. Our technology can take the liquid handling errors out of the equation. With two different pipette technique and management certification programs dedicated to training laboratory staff who work with pipettes, our liquid handling services can help you streamline processes and increase productivity.

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PCS Specifications

Learn about system performance. Includes instrument, computer, and software specifications.

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Case Study

Sorenson Genomics Saves Time And Money By Bringing Pipette Calibration In-House

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White Paper

Single Channel Pipette Calibration And Operator Competency Assessment Using A Dual-Dye Ratiometric Photometry System.

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8 Easy Steps For Performing Pipette Preventive Maintenance

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Knowledge Center

Precise liquid volume measurement with ratiometric photometry technology.

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Case Study

Keeping Plasma Safe: Haematologic Technologies Inc. Implements The Artel PCS For Quality Assurance

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Ready to transform your automated liquid handling process?


What our customers say

We use the PCS pipette calibration system. It has always been super reliable and accurate, and we have never had a single issue in the 8 years I have worked with it. The kits containing the solutions for the PCS are customizable, so you don't have to buy solutions you don't need. We do performance checks on our pipettes on a daily basis, so we could not live without it! It makes our jobs so much easier too!

Joan Kozlowski

Fresenius Kabi

The Artel PCS makes checking the pipetting proficiency of new hires quick and easy. It's also great for checking pipettes that may not be functioning properly.

Eric M


The PCS Pipette Calibrations system is easy to use. The Artel Calibration Standard set is customizable to your set of pipettes. Their service team works hard to match the kit to individual site needs. Capable of calibrating single and multichannel pipettes.

Kathryn Traughber

Tri Cities Laboratory

I have set up and trained fellow employees on how to use the PCS Pipette Calibration system over all of our laboratory departments and three hospitals. It is easy to use and understand how to use it in step-by-step instructions while calibrating and setting up pipettes for calibrations.

Angela Achneider

Consultants Laboratory, Agnesian Healthcare

The Artel pipette calibration system has completely streamlined our calibration program. The amount of downtime due to uncalibrated pipettes and pipettes requiring external calibration has been reduced. Non-conformance due to calibration has been eliminated.

Bryan Waters

MPI-Animal Health Laboratory

The Artel PCS fulfills our requirements on ISO compliant pipette calibration and testing. Results are reproducible and variance is lower than in manual process. Personnel is easily trained on the device. Process is faster than manual process.

Andreas Heider

Axolabs GmbH

[With the Artel PCS], we run pipette calibrations for multiple sections and push through 200+ pipettes in 2 months…We love the access to the computer to make saving and printing the results so much easier especially where we have to file away information for 7 separate labs each with their own set of pipettes.

Ashley Aurand-Cravens

KY Divisions of Lab Services

We use an Artel PCS system to calibrate our pipettes. We purchase all the reagents necessary to use. Have contacted Artel Technical support for questions in regard to using the Artel system and necessary trouble shooting suggestions. Happy with the service for purchase of the system that we are using and the products. Verification of pipettes using this system has saved us time and provided more accurate results compared to using balances for verification of pipettes in particular small volumes.

Fathieh Shafiee

Wisonsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Artel PCS is very easy to use. The results are consistent between different users. The software is user friendly and makes it easy to keep schedules and calibration plans organized. It has sped up the calibration process.

Vicki Duch

St.Jude Children's Research Hospital

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