Ensure the highest quality data out of your liquid handlers with the most accurate, precise, and easy-to-use systems for liquid delivery measurement.

The Value of Liquid Volume Precision

Whether you work in a regulated environment or just want to ensure data integrity, the Artel PCS® and MVS® provide the most robust method for measuring dispensed liquid volume. Keeping handheld pipettes and automated liquid handlers calibrated is critical to workflow efficiency and regulatory compliance.

  • Save time troubleshooting assays
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Ensure data quality
  • Be confident in your volume transfers

User-Friendly Features

  • Verify the dispense accuracy of all single, multichannel, and automated liquid handlers without rigorous environmental controls
  • Measure performance over a wide volume range
  • Generate volume results traceable to national (NIST) and international (SI) standards
  • Automate scheduling of calibration timelines and operator assessments​
  • Digitally review and sign-off on calibrations with electronic signatures​​
  • Receive complete audit trail facilitates compliance with 21 CFR Part 11​

MVS® Multichannel Verification System


PCS® Pipette Calibration


ArtelWare™ Software


MVS QualAssure® Solutions


PCS QualAssure® Solutions


Why choose Advanced Instruments to transform your liquid handling process?

Trusted and Reliable performance

For over 40 years, our liquid handling calibration systems have been life sciences laboratories' most trusted partner in liquid delivery performance.

Robust Data compliance & management

Data integrity is paramount to ensuring the validity of the data and its analyses. Advanced Instruments liquid handling systems help allow customers to meet the strict data integrity requirements of 21 CFR part 11.

Scalable and Easy to integrate

Intuitive software ensures labs with industry spanning applications can easily manage and review automated liquid handler and pipette inventory, as well as operator assessment status.

Comprehensive & Expert Service offerings

We offer a complete suite of consulting services including automated liquid handler calibration, assay optimization support, proper pipette technique assessment, industry and ISO guidance, training, and more.

What our customers say headline

The Artel MVS simplifies fluid verification of all automated liquid handlers and multichannel pipettes. The system is fast, calculates all plate and well statistics (Relative Inaccuracy, Coefficient of Variation, Standard Deviation and Mean) and it is simple to set up and use. For all of its capabilities and low-cost point...the MVS is one of the best value purchases I have ever made for my lab.

Mark Orlowski


The Artel MVS makes it so easy to do a monthly verification that the 96 channel CORE head on my Hamilton Vantage is dispensing the correct volumes. Doing the confirmation gravimetrically would be so time consuming, but using the Artel dyes and the MVS makes it something one person can do in a single morning. The software is easy to use, and the instrument has not had any maintenance issues.

Katherine Schneider


I have set up and trained fellow employees on how to use the PCS Pipette Calibration system over all of our laboratory departments and three hospitals. It is easy to use and understand how to use it in step-by-step instructions while calibrating and setting up pipettes for calibrations.

Angela Achneider

Consultants Laboratory, Agnesian Healthcare

We use the PCS pipette calibration system. It has always been super reliable and accurate, and we have never had a single issue in the 8 years I have worked with it. The kits containing the solutions for the PCS are customizable, so you don't have to buy solutions you don't need. We do performance checks on our pipettes on a daily basis, so we could not live without it! It makes our jobs so much easier too!

Joan Kozlowski

Fresenius Kabi

The Artel PCS makes checking the pipetting proficiency of new hires quick and easy. It's also great for checking pipettes that may not be functioning properly.

Eric M


The PCS Pipette Calibrations system is easy to use. The Artel Calibration Standard set is customizable to your set of pipettes. Their service team works hard to match the kit to individual site needs. Capable of calibrating single and multichannel pipettes.

Kathryn Traughber

Tri Cities Laboratory

The Artel MVS has been a huge help for our lab in validating volumes on new automated liquid handlers. Always gives consistent results, easy to use, software is extremely straightforward, and any time we have an issue, it's super easy to get help from the Artel team. Thank you!

Leah Chong


The MVS system is extremely useful for periodic performance QC testing of high-throughput liquid handlers, high-throughput liquid handler calibration, and various liquid handler/single channel pipette tip type/lot QC. The MVS system requires minimal maintenance and MVS manager software is intuitive to use and flexible to set up various plate layouts to meet user’s need. The customer service is very responsive and helpful. They provide a notification for calibrator plate re-certification annually ...

Hyun-Wu Lee

Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre

The [Artel MVS] product is accurate and reliable. With the addition of the pre-owned models of MVS readers, it also becomes affordable. The expansion of the dye solutions to include MasterMix and Serum along with their original aqueous offering makes Artel a definitive liquid class setup solution. The FSE performing setup and the account manager were on-time, responsive, and supportive during install and (most importantly) afterwards.

Kevin Kim

Avellino Labs

The Artel application scientist is easy to work with, knowledgeable about interpreting test data and giving advice, and flexible to help onsite if needed. I would recommend the Artel MVS because it saves time and material cost. Most important is having a standard method to calibrate different pipettes and optimize liquid class on automated liquid handlers while managing the sources of variability systematically.

Michelle Mak

10x Genomics

The MVS [has] made verifications so much more efficient. It also enabled us to detect an issue with one of our instrument onboard pipetting devices. The customer service is great and using this system makes accreditation assessments much easier!

Beth Johnson

KY Division of Lab Services, DPH

The Artel pipette calibration system has completely streamlined our calibration program. The amount of downtime due to uncalibrated pipettes and pipettes requiring external calibration has been reduced. Non-conformance due to calibration has been eliminated.

Bryan Waters

MPI-Animal Health Laboratory

The Artel PCS fulfills our requirements on ISO compliant pipette calibration and testing. Results are reproducible and variance is lower than in manual process. Personnel is easily trained on the device. Process is faster than manual process.

Andreas Heider

Axolabs GmbH

[With the Artel PCS], we run pipette calibrations for multiple sections and push through 200+ pipettes in 2 months…We love the access to the computer to make saving and printing the results so much easier especially where we have to file away information for 7 separate labs each with their own set of pipettes.

Ashley Aurand-Cravens

KY Divisions of Lab Services

We use an Artel PCS system to calibrate our pipettes. We purchase all the reagents necessary to use. Have contacted Artel Technical support for questions in regard to using the Artel system and necessary trouble shooting suggestions. Happy with the service for purchase of the system that we are using and the products. Verification of pipettes using this system has saved us time and provided more accurate results compared to using balances for verification of pipettes in particular small volumes.

Fathieh Shafiee

Wisonsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Artel PCS is very easy to use. The results are consistent between different users. The software is user friendly and makes it easy to keep schedules and calibration plans organized. It has sped up the calibration process.

Vicki Duch

St.Jude Children's Research Hospital

The MVS system is fairly intuitive to use. Not only can we use this for our internal automated liquid handler volume verification, tip test and calibration work, we have been using the system to offer external volume verification service to our collaborators. The system is very durable without significant issues and easy to maintain. MVS reagent orders are always processed and delivered in a timely manner. Our regional specialist periodically checks in to ask if the system is working as expected.

Hyun-Wu Lee

Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre

The [Artel MVS] is easy to use, gives accurate and reliable results. It's a great way to quickly determine the functioning of the automation systems that we install and maintain.

Thobias Haakman

Beckman Coulter

The MVS has been a great asset to my team's measurement capabilities for the past 10 years. We just recently purchased the newest version of the MVS. We had a lengthy delay in our PO process and Nate the Artel Account manager has been very understanding and has helped us the entire way. The system makes accuracy and precision testing for liquid dispensing very efficient. When we need additional supplies or support questions the Artel staff has always been top tier. We plan to try the new Artelware software and move away from the older Data manger software.

Dan Baumgartner

Metrologist, Bayer

Once we brought [the Artel MVS] into the lab, we realized we could push to small volumes. We typically work beyond the liquid handler’s specifications, and we can do this because we have Artel to verify their performance.

Robert Grbac


We were doing liquid class development and realized that we couldn’t get anything <10 uL to pass. With the MVS, I was able to optimize our liquid classes in just 6 tests! We took it from a 16% inaccuracy down to 1.6% at 10 uL. Piece of cake when you’ve got something like the MVS in your corner.

Douglas Brown

CRL Clinical Reference Laboratory

The Artel MVS System has greatly improved our laboratory quality processes, not only streamlining instrument qualifications but accelerating verification and validations.

Chris Trefill


We rely on the MVS for verifications and liquid class development and optimization…

Thai Truong

Janssen R&D

The [Artel MVS] simplified and streamlined our QC process…

Natalie Grow

Bristol-Meyers Squibb

The MVS system has been vital to our lab operations.

Hyun-Wu Lee

Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre

Liquid Handling Services

Our onsite liquid handling service is customizable to suit your laboratory’s needs. We work with your laboratory to understand your volume transfer testing parameters and requirements. Our team provides the tools and experience to indiscriminately measure volume transfer variability for nearly all liquid handler makes/models.

Service Includes:

  • Performing volume measurements on all your liquid handlers
  • Discussing your specific target volumes of interest
  • Teaching tip configuration(s) best practices
  • Rationalizing number of replicates
  • Troubleshooting and/or optimizing process

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