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The Anoxomat® system provides a stable and optimal environment for bacterial growth.

The system uses a disposable catalyst for anaerobic environments designed specifically to support and optimize your workflow. We have a wide assortment of lightweight and ergonomic jars and petri dish holders.

Highlighted features
  • Simplified and flexible workflow
  • Variety of jars to fit your needs
  • Variety of autoclavable Petri dish holders

Palladox Disposable Sachet

Palladox is flexible and convenient so you work smarter when creating anaerobic environments. Single-use, easy-to-use disposable sachet streamlines your workflow. You don’t waste precious time reheating the catalyst and there is no oven needed.

  • Easy: Made to fit and compatible with all jars
  • Saves time: No reheating; cuts wait time by up to 2 hours
  • Simplifies workflow: No guesswork on catalyst activity
  • Expedites processing: So you optimize your time

Ergonomic Jars

Our light-weight, ergonomic jars, provide flexibility and ease-of-use for lab techs, while maximizing incubator and laboratory space.

  • Comfort lid easily snaps on to create a secure seal
  • Stack and nest to fit more jars in incubator
  • Easy-grip handle makes transport a breeze
  • Lid easily connects to gas supply
  • Holds 12 plates or 24 plates per jar

Standard Large Jars

Large laboratories need large capacity jars. Our standard jars do the trick. Large enough to hold up to 36 petri dishes, these jars meet the needs of large laboratories.

  • Snap-shut gas supply coupling for easy connecting
  • Lid clamp ensures a secure seal
  • Variety of autoclavable Petri dish holders


AJ9025Holds one stack 12 Petri dishes, 9-10 cm dia. Holds one stack of microtiter plates, 13×9 cm dia. Holds one stack of 10 Petri dishes, 14.5 cm.
AJ9028Holds three stacks of 12 Petri dishes, 9-10 cm dia.
AJ9049Holds two stacks of 6 Petri dishes, 9-10 cm dia.
AJ9050Holds two stacks of 12 Petri dishes, 9-10cm dia.

Petri Dish Holders

PH 1040Holds 12 Petri dishes, 9-10 cm dia.
PH 1050Holds three stacks of 12 Petri dishes, 10 cm dia.
PH 1060Holds 6 Petri dishes, 9-10 cm dia.
PH 1070Holds 10 Petri dishes, 14.5 cm dia.
PH 1080Holds three stacks of 12 Petri dishes, 6 cm dia.
PH 1090Holds One Stack of Microtiter Plates, 13 x 9 cm dia.
TH0000For use with AJ9025, holds 14 (16mm tubes)


AN3146Palladox disposable sachet, compatible with all jar sizes
Advanced Anoxomat® III

An efficient method of bacterial cultivation, creating repeatable environmental conditions for the biotechnology microbiology laboratory.

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Get the best performance from your osmometer from the people who designed and built it. We provide a range of services and service plans to meet the different needs of our customers. Our certified Field Service Engineers provide on-site professional support for the installation, training, validation, and maintenance of your osmometers.

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Application Note

Anoxomat® III Jar System: A Gold Standard In Bacterial Cultivation

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Application Note

ANOXOMAT® III Gives Superior Results: Comparison to gaspak sachet generating methods

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Anaerobic Microbiology

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What our customers say

[The Anoxomat is] very easy to use and efficient, easy to clean and reliable, it was such an improvement from our previous method of heat sealing and anaerobic pouches, I absolutely love these jars!

Magdalena Margiotta


The small footprint of this instrument is great for our lab! The Anoxomat is a workhorse and has given us very few problems historically. Ease of use among many users and quality, reproducible results are a given with this instrument.

Jessica Gabriel

Northside Hospital Gwinnett

The Anoxomat has been extremely useful in the growth and care of anaerobic cultures in my laboratory and allows us for advanced patient care when it comes to cultures that grow a variety of microbiological organisms. At the push of a button, we are able to simulate anaerobic conditions ideal for their growth.

Scott Connolly

VA Boston Healthcare

The Anoxomat system is easy to use, has very little maintenance and consistently gives good growth of quality control organisms.

Janet Reynolds

Grandview Medical Center

Ease of use and reproducibility of results are excellent. I would recommend [Anoxomat] for any microbiology department to ensure proper anaerobic conditions are met!

Stefanie Taitano

Keesler Air Force Base

We have no problems recovering fastidious anaerobes and microaerophilic organisms such as Campylobacter. The [Anoxomat] instrument is easy to use with very few problems. Our techs like the disposable sachets ... there is one less task for the techs to monitor and perform.

Terry O'Donnell

Mount Carmel Health System

Anoxomat is the best anaerobic system. In our lab settings, anaerobic bacteria's isolated from deep tissue and fluid samples using this system with flexibility while maintaining quality. Besides anaerobic environment, it can also provide microaerophilic, or custom environments, such as capnophilic, depending on requirements. It also offers users the ability to program recipes with the optional “User-Generated Recipes” function.

Asma Siddiqua


The Anoxomat III is an efficient instrument. It continues to provide anaerobic conditions for our anaerobic chambers with consistent results. It is relatively easy to use. You can add additional plates to a jar after it has been charged, just remember to let the jar come to atmospheric conditions for a minute before you recharge it. ...

Patrick McGeehan

Capital Region Medical Center

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