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Anaerobic Jar Systems

Streamline workflows, save money, and improve the quality and consistency of your bacterial cultivation. Automatically and easily create exact, repeatable environments to keep clinical and microbiology labs productive.

For the growth of anaerobes, microaerophiles, and capnophiles, the anaerobic jar systems from Advanced Instruments are an excellent choice. Explore the system components below to learn how.

Explore All Anaerobic Jar Systems

Anoxomat® III

The Anoxomat anaerobic jar system ensures repeatable anaerobic and microaerophilic environments and robust quality of growth, allowing testing facilities to realize cost savings, increased productivity and improved workflow.

Palladox® Disposable Sachet

The new single use Palladox disposable sachet is designed specifically to work with the Anoxomat System. The easy-to-use catalyst will simplify your anaerobic sample testing by minimizing catalyst handling time. This product is the perfect solution to improve workflow efficiency, eliminate downtime and simplify anaerobic testing.

Ergonomic Jars for Anoxomat

Our light-weight, ergonomic jars, provide flexibility and ease-of-use for lab techs, while maximizing incubator and laboratory space.

Standard Jars for Anoxomat

Standard jars for the Anoxomat are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your laboratory’s needs.

Our laboratory has saved space and time for over 10 years with the Anoxomat! It continues to provide anaerobic conditions with consistent results

Patrick McGeehan , Capital Region Medical Center

Easily Create Anaerobic Environments with Anoxomat

Using the McIntosh and Fildes system of evacuation & replacement to create anaerobic environments, the Anoxomat is the most efficient way to create precise, reproducible conditions because it rapidly removes the oxygenated environment from a jar and replaces it with precise amounts of anaerobic, or microaerophilic or capnophilic gas mixtures.