A flexible, easy-to-use system that creates exact, repeatable bacterial growth environments

Streamline workflows, save money, and improve the quality and consistency of your bacterial cultivation.

Automatically and easily create exact, repeatable environments to keep clinical and microbiology labs productive. For the growth of anaerobes, microaerophiles, and capnophiles, our anaerobic jar systems are an excellent choice.

Easily Create Anaerobic Environments with Anoxomat

Using the McIntosh and Fildes system of evacuation & replacement to create anaerobic environments, the Anoxomat III is the most efficient way to create precise, reproducible conditions because it rapidly removes the oxygenated environment from a jar and replaces it with precise amounts of anaerobic, or microaerophilic or capnophilic gas mixtures. The system can connect up to four combinations of jars to gas, and its custom programming feature allows the user to customize gas mixture settings. After 5 minutes, the system will indicate that the jar has been successfully processed and the designated environment has been created. The jar can then be uncoupled and it’s ready for incubation and the Anoxomat III is ready for the next job.

Anoxomat® III Anaerobic Culture System


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Explore how the Anoxomat Can Benefit Your Lab

Providing growth within minutes

The Anoxomat III creates the desired environment within minutes so you can get your anaerobes in the appropriate environment fast! Even the most sensitive bacteria, such as Porph. asacharolytica, saw growth at 48 hours as opposed to 72 hours with gas-generating sachets. You need trusted growth. Accurate bacterial growth requires stable, repeatable environmental conditions so gas mixtures stay within desired values for up to 48 hours.

You need to increase productivity. But how? Anoxomat is the answer.

Automatic quality control system: Anoxomat III checks the environment, so you don’t waste time incubating jars in an unstable environment. Streamlines workflow: set up jars and return to bench to continue work. Low maintenance: less down time and no disruption to workflow. Process more samples in-house: smaller labs save money. Process up to 4 jars at a time: Get more done in less time.

What is the McIntosh & Fildes method?

Anoxomat III uses the widely known McIntosh and Fildes system of evacuation and replacement to create anaerobic environments. During the anaerobic evacuation cycle, oxygen within the jar is replaced with hydrogen. After the anaerobic cycle, a mere 0.16% residual oxygen content is left in the jar, which is then removed by the Palladox catalyst. The anaerobic recipe leaves the jar with a strict zero oxygen level and 10% carbon dioxide mix.

How does the Anoxomat system compare to gaspak sachet generating methods?

The Anoxomat III Jar System creates the environment needed for optimal bacterial growth in minutes. There is no lag in sub-optimal conditions for samples, so you get reliable and consistent environments for anaerobic and microaerophilic testing. The environment created by the Anoxomat III contains adequate hydrogen levels needed for growth unlike gaspak systems. Studies observed larger colonies in 51.6% of tests with the Anoxomat III system vs. gaspak systems. Download our comparison guide of Anoxomat III vs. Gaspak systems.

What our customers say

The small footprint of this instrument is great for our lab! The Anoxomat is a workhorse and has given us very few problems historically. Ease of use among many users and quality, reproducible results are a given with this instrument.

Jessica Gabriel

Northside Hospital Gwinnett

[The Anoxomat is] very easy to use and efficient, easy to clean and reliable, it was such an improvement from our previous method of heat sealing and anaerobic pouches, I absolutely love these jars!

Magdalena Margiotta


Anoxomat is the best anaerobic system. In our lab settings, anaerobic bacteria's isolated from deep tissue and fluid samples using this system with flexibility while maintaining quality. Besides anaerobic environment, it can also provide microaerophilic, or custom environments, such as capnophilic, depending on requirements. It also offers users the ability to program recipes with the optional “User-Generated Recipes” function.

Asma Siddiqua


We have no problems recovering fastidious anaerobes and microaerophilic organisms such as Campylobacter. The [Anoxomat] instrument is easy to use with very few problems. Our techs like the disposable sachets ... there is one less task for the techs to monitor and perform.

Terry O'Donnell

Mount Carmel Health System

Ease of use and reproducibility of results are excellent. I would recommend [Anoxomat] for any microbiology department to ensure proper anaerobic conditions are met!

Stefanie Taitano

Keesler Air Force Base

The Anoxomat system is easy to use, has very little maintenance and consistently gives good growth of quality control organisms.

Janet Reynolds

Grandview Medical Center

The Anoxomat has been extremely useful in the growth and care of anaerobic cultures in my laboratory and allows us for advanced patient care when it comes to cultures that grow a variety of microbiological organisms. At the push of a button, we are able to simulate anaerobic conditions ideal for their growth.

Scott Connolly

VA Boston Healthcare

The Anoxomat III is an efficient instrument. It continues to provide anaerobic conditions for our anaerobic chambers with consistent results. It is relatively easy to use. You can add additional plates to a jar after it has been charged, just remember to let the jar come to atmospheric conditions for a minute before you recharge it. ...

Patrick McGeehan

Capital Region Medical Center

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