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Now Providing Local Sales and Support Directly To Better Serve Our Bioprocessing and Food & Beverage Customers

After 30 years of successful developments in France through our historical distribution partner, we have started direct operations in France with the deployment of a local sales and marketing team specialized in bioprocessing, a field application scientist team, a technical service team, customer support resources, and central European warehousing.

With over 65 years of experience in osmolality testing, Advanced Instruments is a renowned world leader with operations throughout the globe. With the recent acquisition of Solentim, a portfolio of best-in-class imaging and single-cell deposition technologies for cell line development workflows and assurance of clonality for regulatory bodies, our focus is to provide solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of the biopharmaceutical industry aimed at adding value and improving workflow efficiency.

Starting in June of 2022, we have transitioned the support of our products and services from our distributor. With this channel expansion, our goal is to ensure our customers are provided complete product knowledge, application support, immediate service and the resources needed to support our shared mission to enable the delivery of life-saving therapies and treatments. This structure will allow us to deliver the highest-level of service and support to you, our valued customer.

Please contact us using the information below or provide your details in the customer setup form by clicking the button below.

Contact Information

Mr. Saci Iken
Regional Sales Manager
Phone : +33 678 767 589
Email : [email protected]

Customer Service:
+33 456 681 861 
[email protected]

Technical Service:
+33 456 681 861 
[email protected]

Company Details:
Advanced Instruments, SAS
30 Rue Godot de Mauroy
75009 Paris, France
Company Registration Number: 902 359 710
VAT#: FR 38902359710
Phone: +33 456 681 861 

For Clinical & Hospital Osmometers only, please contact our French distributor:

Radiometer S.A.:
Mr. Gregory Axus
Z.A. “La Fontaine du Vaisseau”
8 rue Edmond Michelet
Neuilly Plaisance, 93360
+33 14 944 3550
[email protected]

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