A₂O Advanced Automated Osmometer

The A2O is the premier multi-sample osmometer offered by Advanced Instruments. A2O is designed for laboratories requiring full automation of osmolality testing. A2O combines a functional design, exceptional analytical performance, and an easy to use software control package that is elegantly simple to operate. It is ideally suited for today’s busy laboratories, which are being asked to achieve more results faster- yet with fewer resources. Osmolality testing without compromise… That’s A2O.


Automated Multi Sample Capability

An intelligently designed 20 position sample tube carousel accommodates the most common laboratory sample tube sizes and shapes. Low volume inserts and nesting cups can also be used.

Touch-Screen User Interface

With a menu-driven operating system, intuitive software control, and multi-language capability, the A2O provides a simple operating experience at your fingertip.

Direct Primary Tube Sampling

Automatically transfers a 100 µl sample for analysis. This eliminates the manual pipetting step and improves accuracy while minimizing sampling errors.

Intelligent Liquid Handling Technology

The pipette system features liquid level sensing and crash detection circuity. This eliminates the guesswork involved with sample preparation.

Automated Self-Cleaning

The closed-loop fluid management system in the A2O cleans after each sample to eliminate sample carryover and cross contamination. These features provide flexible sample processing while minimizing sample carryover and cross-contamination.

Positive Sample Identification

An integrated bar code scanner eliminates transcription errors. Sample IDs can also be entered manually. The onboard printer provides additional sample identification and results reporting benefits.

Flexible Sampling Capabilities

Program the A2O to process samples in duplicate, triplicate, or any sampling protocol your laboratory requires.

Enhanced LIS and Data Management Capability

The A2O features bi-directional data communications as well as an on-board results database with search capability. Connectivity is a snap with Ethernet and multiple USB ports.

Built in Quality Control

The A2O comes complete with full list of QC features including: A supervisor mode with password protection, ability to set range limits for control solutions, statistical monitoring of daily QC, and a system events log for diagnostic purposes.

Products & Supplies

Available Models

A₂O Automated Model A₂O Osmometer

Osmometer Calibration Standards and Reference Solutions

3LA011 100 mOsm Calibration Standard, 10x5 mL Ampules View
3LA091 900 mOsm Calibration Standard, 10x5 mL Ampules View
3LA201 2000 mOsm Calibration Standard, 10x5 mL Ampules View
3LA301 3000 mOsm Calibration Standard, 10x5 mL Ampules View
3MA029 Clinitrol 290 Reference Solution, 10x2 mL Ampules View
3LA028 Osmolality Linearity Set 100-2,000 mOsm 5x2x5 mL View

Osmometer Control Solutions

3MA028 Protinol 3-Level Osmometer Control, 3x3x3 mL
3LA085 Renol 2-Level Osmometer Control, 2x4x3 mL

Supplies and Accessories

200005UG User's Guide
200220 Disposable 12x75 mm Sample Test Tubes, Box 250
200221 Probe Wiper Discs, Box 50
200222 Osmometer System Fluid, 1 Bottle 500 mL
200223 Disposable Sample Tubes, Box 500
FLA835 Thermal Printer Paper, 5 rolls


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Workflow Graphic

Testing osmolality is an essential parameter for process control and QC – just one of the many complex operational steps in biopharma manufacturing dedicated to producing a product of predetermined yield, purity and quality.

  • Guarantee quality, potency and consistency during media development and raw material management.
  • Monitor cell culture and fermentation to ensure optimal cell health, and consequently, high product quality and yield.

Ensure precise buffer preparation and prove complete buffer exchange to improve purification efficiency.

Safeguard your biologics as it passes through storage, reconstitution and injection.

Ensure that the final product meets your quality standards and release criteria.


See for yourself how the A₂O takes osmometry to the next level. Watch the product video to learn more about the advanced features of the A₂O. Discover how the A₂O can transform osmolality testing in your busy laboratory.