4250 Single-Sample Cryoscope

Product Type: Cryoscopes

The Advanced Instruments Model 4250 Single-Sample Cryoscope is the fastest, most reliable, and precise system for milk analysis. The Model 4250 employs the industry preferred freezing point depression (FPD) method for determination of added water to milk. The Model 4250 allows your plant to manage a premium milk supply, ensure quality products and improve your operating efficiency.



The 4250 offers both the International Reference Method of Plateau Seeking (ISO/FDIS-5764/IDF 108) and standard timed plateau methods and it operates in both accepted temperature scales millidegrees Celsius (m°C) and millidegrees Horvett (m°H)


Frost-free cooling chamber eliminates most routine maintenance; the sample probe and stir-wire are fully accessible for easy cleaning

Data Handling

Optional barcode scanner to input the supplier ID numbers.
On-board printer for better traceability, tracking and to meet your HACCP requirements and RS-232 communication capability for data transfer

Customize User Experience

The instrument display can be switched between multiple languages

Ease of Use

Rapid and stable automated calibration procedure and two minute test time allows for high throughput of samples

CryoLine Standards

Advanced Instruments calibrators, controls and supplies meet the exacting standard required to fulfill ISO, HACCP and QA/QC laboratories

Products & Supplies

Available Models

4250 Model 4250 Cryoscope

Supplies and Accessories

SK-4250 Convenience Kit (Includes: 3LA823, 3DA811, 3LA030, 3LA023, 3LA033, FLA835)
3DA811 Heat Transfer Fluid, 1x150 mL
3D2340 Air Filters, Disposable, 6/pkg
330016 Bar Code Scanner
FLA835 Thermal Printer Paper, 5 rolls

Controls / Calibrators Aqueous Ampules

3LA022 422 Cryoscope Calibration Standard, Bottle 110mL View
3LA023 422 Cryoscope Calibration Standard, Ampule 10mL View
3LA027 Lactrol 530 Reference Solution, Bottle 110mL View
3LA030 Lactrol 530 Reference Solution, Ampule 10mL View
3LA032 621 Cryoscope Calibration Standard, Bottle 110mL View
3LA033 621 Cryoscope Calibration Standard, Ampule 10mL View


3LA823 Sample Tube- Glass 2.0 mL


Brochure, 4250Download (PDF)
Added Water and the Freezing Point of MilkDownload (pdf)
Base Freezing Point Values of Untainted Goat, Sheep, and Water Buffalo MilkDownload (pdf)
CryoLine ProductsDownload (pdf)
Influence of Raw Milk Quality on Fluid Milk Shelf LifeRequest
The Effect of Bronopol on the Freezing Point and Impedance of Milk SamplesDownload (pdf)
The Effects of Raw Milk Storage Conditions on Freezing Point, pH, and ImpedanceDownload (pdf)
The Physical Chemistry, Theory and Technique of Freezing Point DeterminationsDownload (pdf)