3320 Single-Sample Micro Osmometer

Product Type: Osmometers

The Model 3320 is no longer for sale. Information is for reference only.

See the new Osmo1 Single-Sample Micro-Osmometer


Products & Supplies

Available Models

3320 Model 3320 Micro-Sample Osmometer

Osmometer Calibration Standards and Reference Solutions

3LA201 2000 mOsm Calibration Standard, 10x5 mL Ampules View
3MA029 Clinitrol 290 Reference Solution, 10x2 mL Ampules View
3MA005 50 mOsm Calibration Standard, 10x2 mL View
3MA085 850 mOsm Calibration Standard, 10x2 mL View
3LA028 Osmolality Linearity Set 100-2,000 mOsm 5x2x5 mL View

Osmometer Control Solutions

3MA028 Protinol 3-Level Osmometer Control, 3x3x3 mL
3LA085 Renol 2-Level Osmometer Control, 2x4x3 mL

Supplies and Accessories

210555_EU Thermal Printer (230 VAC power supply)
210555_NA Thermal Printer (100-120 VAC power supply)
3325 User's Guide
3325SM Service Manual
3D3835 Thermal Printer Paper, 5/pkg
330016 Bar Code Scanner
3M0825 Ease-Eject 20-Microliter Sampler View
3M0827 Sampler Calibration Key
3M0828 Sampler Plunger Wire, 2/pkg


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