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For Biotech Labs
OsmoTECH® PRO Multi-Sample Osmometer

Ensure purity, quality and yield of your samples along the entire bioprocessing workflow.

For Clinical Labs
Osmo1® Single-Sample Osmometer

Quickly test serum, plasma, urine and stool to aid in patient diagnosis and treatment

For Food & Beverage Labs
Anoxomat® Anaerobic Jar System

Quickly detect detrimental bacteria that can affect product quality, taste and safety


Find your

Biotech Solutions


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Clinical Solutions


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Food & Beverage Solutions

New Product

The New, Improved OsmoTECH® Single-Sample Osmometer

The ease-of-use and performance that you have come to trust is now improved with enhanced data management and compliance support features for the Biotech industry.

Highlighted features:

  • Direct-draw small sample; fast 90 second test time
  • Secure and efficient data management (supports 21 CFR part 11 & EU Annex 11 compliance)
  • Meets Pharmacopeia osmolality testing guidelines


Advanced Instruments products are designed to increase productivity and ensure quality in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical and food & beverage industries.



Freezing-point depression technology delivers fast & accurate osmolality measurements

Anaerobic Jar Systems

A flexible, easy-to-use system that creates exact, repeatable bacterial growth environments

Dairy Testing

Instruments that confirm pasteurization and identify milk alteration to ensure product quality

Calibrators & Controls

Use to help verify instrument performance, ensure linearity and stay in compliance

CSF Cell Counters

Handle all CSF specimens – even those with clinically relevant low cell counts

Bilirubin Testing

Fast, accurate total and direct bilirubin testing for neonates

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