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For Biotech Labs
OsmoTECH® PRO Multi-Sample Osmometer

Ensure purity, quality and yield of your samples along the entire bioprocessing workflow.

For Clinical Labs
Osmo1® Single-Sample Osmometer

Quickly test serum, plasma, urine and stool to aid in patient diagnosis and treatment

For Food & Beverage Labs
Anoxomat® Anaerobic Jar System

Quickly detect detrimental bacteria that can affect product quality, taste and safety


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Biotech Solutions


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Clinical Solutions


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Food & Beverage Solutions

New COVID-19 Scientific Resource

Recent publications have shown that COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019), an infectious disease caused by a novel coronavirus known as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), is associated with electrolyte disorders including hyponatremia.

Osmolality testing can help with early diagnosis and etiological determination of hyponatremia, which is critical for the patient population.


Advanced Instruments products are designed to increase productivity and ensure quality in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical and food & beverage industries.



Freezing-point depression technology delivers fast & accurate osmolality measurements

Anaerobic Jar Systems

A flexible, easy-to-use system that creates exact, repeatable bacterial growth environments

Dairy Testing

Instruments that confirm pasteurization and identify milk alteration to ensure product quality

Calibrators & Controls

Use to help verify instrument performance, ensure linearity and stay in compliance

CSF Cell Counters

Handle all CSF specimens – even those with clinically relevant low cell counts

Bilirubin Testing

Fast, accurate total and direct bilirubin testing for neonates

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Osmolality in Biopharma

Advantages of Freezing Point Depression

Osmolality in Clinical Chemistry

We are open and continue to provide essential lab supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Answers to your FAQ’s can be found here.

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