Standard Jars

Product Type: Anaerobic Jar Systems

Anoxomat Standard jars are available in a variety of sizes.

Included with every Anoxomat instrument is a barcode scanner and a printer.
Advanced Instruments also offers autoclave-ready Petri dish holders, additional reusable palladium catalysts, and a specially formulated cleaning and disinfectant product to protect Anoxomat jars from deterioration.

The system capacity can be updated and expanded at any time — according to your laboratory’s needs.



Strong lid clamp to meet microbiology standards, clear lid for plate visibility


Quick-connect coupling for easy connection


Microtiter plates, 16mm tubes, and 50-150mm plates compatible

Guaranteed Growth

Guaranteed anaerobic, microaerophilic, capnophillic and hypoxic growth

Products & Supplies

Petri Dish Holders

PH 1040 Holds 12 Petri dishes, 9-10 cm dia.
PH 1050 Holds three stacks of 12 Petri dishes, 10 cm dia.
PH 1060 Holds 6 Petri dishes, 9-10 cm dia.
PH 1070 Holds 10 Petri dishes, 14.5 cm dia.
PH 1080 Holds three stacks of 12 Petri dishes, 6 cm dia.
PH 1090 Holds One Stack of Microtiter Plates, 13 x 9 cm dia.

Anoxomat Accessories & Supplies

CA0000 Catalyst for use with AJ9022, AJ9023
CA0001 For use with AJ9025, AJ9028, Quantity needed: 1
HA2500 Halamid Jar Cleaner and disinfectant
TH0000 For use with AJ9023, holds 14 (16mm tubes)


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