Anoxomat System

The Advanced Anoxomat Mark II is an automated microprocessor-controlled system for the cultivation of anaerobic, microaerophilic, hypoxic, and capnophilic bacteria. This precise, technologically advanced system produces fast, robust results and reduces frustrations caused by cultivation failures.

This high level of precision, combined with ensured reproducibility, allows microbiologists to draw accurate, confident conclusions. By choosing The Advanced Anoxomat over traditional culturing methods, laboratories benefit by saving time, effort, and money. It serves as an excellent alternative to gas bags and chambers. The system is designed to fit easily into today’s space-crunched laboratories, with a footprint no larger than a desktop printer, and can connect to as many as four of Anoxomat’s anaerobic jars.

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Efficient and Automated cultivation method

The evacuation and replacement method of McIntosh & Fildes eliminates the disadvantages of conventional techniques and achieves maximum results using the anaerobic jars.

Track & Trace Compatibility

Unique design that allows each laboratory to follow and trace back how and when the samples were processed, as well as who processed them. This is a further step to fulfilling accreditation standards.

Unique advantages

Rapid- complete anaerobiasis in less than 3 minutes and generates high-quality atmospheres in dry conditions. The operator can count on exact incubation conditions because the Anoxomat’s Quality Assurance system ensures that jar atmosphere is precisely as desired


Create anaerobic, microaerophilic, capnophillic, hypoxic or custom environments all with one instrument. Built-in Quality Assurance Program (QAP) and designed to take up minimum counter space

Whole system efficiency

Fully automatic one-button operation. The entire system works together to ensure low gas consumption and low maintenance and operating cost


The Anoxomat provides pre-programmable recipes for gas mixtures along with user-programming recipes and additional jar or gas connections. Also available: optional Printer and Barcode Scanner.

Products & Supplies


1J-1G-110V 1 Jar & 1 Gas Connection
1J-2G-110V 1 Jar & 2 Gas Connections
1J-3G-110V 1 Jar & 3 Gas Connections
2J-1G-110V Anoxomat Controller, 2 Jar & 1 Gas Connection
2J-2G-110V Anoxomat Controller, 2 Jar & 2 Gas Connections
2J-3G-110V 2 Jar & 3 Gas Connections
3J-1G-110V 3 Jar & 1 Gas Connection
3J-2G-110V 3 Jar & 2 Gas Connections
4J-1G-110V 4 Jar & 1 Gas Connection

Petri Dish Holders

PH 1040 Holds 12 Petri dishes, 9-10 cm dia.
PH 1050 Holds three stacks of 12 Petri dishes, 10 cm dia.
PH 1060 Holds 6 Petri dishes, 9-10 cm dia.
PH 1070 Holds 10 Petri dishes, 14.5 cm dia.
PH 1080 Holds three stacks of 12 Petri dishes, 6 cm dia.
PH 1090 Holds One Stack of Microtiter Plates, 13 x 9 cm dia.

Anoxomat Accessories & Supplies

AN2BCS Barcode scanner
AN2DI Data interface
AN2GC Additional Gas Connection
AN2ISC1 Registration input screen
AN2JC Additional Jar Connection
AN2PPR Pre-Programmed Recipes
AN2TP1 Recipe printer, Thermal Paper or Medical Grade Paper
AN2TP3 Dot Matrix Printer for Plain Paper
AN2TT Track & Trace Package
AN2UPF User Programming Function
CA0000 Catalyst for use with AJ9022, AJ9023
CA0001 For use with AJ9025, AJ9028, Quantity needed: 1
CA0002 Catalyst for use with AJ2X6 & AJ2x12
HA2500 Halamid Jar Cleaner and disinfectant
TH0000 For use with AJ9023, holds 14 (16mm tubes)


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See how the Anoxomat can improve your laboratory bacterial growth. Watch the product video to learn more about our advanced Anoxomat technology and its benefits.