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SomaScope™ Smart

SomaScope™ Smart

Delta Instruments SomaScope™ Smart Provides Fast, Accurate Somatic Cell Counts

The Delta Instruments SomaScope Smart is a stand-alone somatic cell counter that combines ease-of-use, low-cost ownership and the latest flow cytometer and LED technology. The result is cost-effective ownership, maintenance, and operation combined with fast results and easy calibration that exceed IDF/ISO/FDA/NCIMS standards.

Some features that make the SomaScope Smart stand out:

  • Analysis for Somatic Cells in cow, sheep, goat, buffalo and camel milk.
  • FDA/NCIMS approved technology.
  • Proven flow-cytometry technology.
  • 30-second analysis time
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • New and easy-to-use SomaSmart software.
  • Non-mutagenic staining solution.
  • Accurate readings at low or high somatic cell levels.
  • Hot-Line® Technical Service available 24/7.

Delta Instruments, An Advanced Instruments Company, offers:

  • FREE Installation.
  • FREE Training.
  • FREE (no-lease) Calibrations.
  • FREE Calibration support for life.
  • FREE Starter kit.
  • 1-year Warranty

How it Works
Flow cytometry is an analytical technique recognized by the International Dairy Federation (IDF) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA/NCIMS). It is used to produce a laminar flow of the somatic cells through the measuring cell. This flow ensures that every somatic cell is counted. SomaScope Smart is the first somatic cell counter that uses a Light Emitting Diode (LED) to illuminate the stained cells in a sample and detect them with dual photomultiplier tubes.


  • Dairy processors
  • Payment laboratories
  • Veterinary laboratories
  • Dairy herd improvement (DHI) laboratories

Delta Instruments SomaScope™ Smart Literature

Delta Instruments, an Advanced Instruments company, is a well-established manufacturer of rapid routine analytical dairy instrumentation for the analysis of milk and milk derivatives. Technical articles and information from Advanced Instruments’ online library may be requested here.


Some of our most informative literature is reprinted with permission. We are happy to mail the following articles upon request:
Influence of Raw Milk Quality on Fluid Milk Shelf Life, Journal of Dairy Science, D. M. Barbano, Y. Ma, and M. V. Santos
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